News of new marine paintings

New marine paintings from the past 3 years are being posted onto the web site almost daily, the EP Expo being the catalyst, a unique event and many particularly  love the new painting “New and Old” now available as a collectors print from our Print gallery on the main web site

New and Old is topical and as with many of the other new paintings from the past 3 years, recently placed on the web site.

The list of new Frickers art works posted on site can be found via the home page by clicking on the top right ‘News‘ button.

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New marine paintings

Trafalgar and Nelson
Trafalgar Dawn 2 has finally started to appear on the canvas!!!

A picture showing the progress will appear on this blog soon.
This new painting will make a pair to go with the now renowned “Trafalgar
“, a view from among the crew onboard HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday the
21st of October 1805 and based on eye witness reports and research.

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Marine painting progress and a super yacht dilema

Marine art has occupied much of my time over the past few days while I gradually develop a group of new marine paintings. I’ll tell more of the others over the next few days.

By biggest concern is for the Porto Fino super yacht scene which will show superyachts off Porto Fino at dusk.  Porto_Fino_2_IMG_6737_wp.jpgThe sketch here show the basic design.

It’s great to work on a delightful warm evening super yacht scene while outside we have – 4 C, steady snow falling and 2 inches ( 50 cms) of solid compacted ice on the hill into Itzac

Itzac_Noel_IMG_6614_d.jpgIs this an ideal world, what do you think?

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