Victory and other historic Marine News

I have been speaking to Peter Goodwin, Curator and Keeper of HMS Victory and author of numerous definitive books on historic marine subjects.PG___GF_IMG_6503_wp.jpg

Peter is very concerned that there are structural problems in Victory caused by poor repairs and the committees responsible are not listening to him …

Thus I was able to bring Peter some moral support and light relief with some marine news.

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With the L’association Laperouse

L’association Laperouse, a dynamic association based around the Museum of Laperouse in the old quarter of  Albi launched a new book with champagne and  “la galette des rois” about recent discoveries relating to Laperouse.

You may be aware of Laperouse?  Laperouse_soiree_IMG_6761_wp.JPG

Laperouse, navigator and discoverer was literally the French answer to Captain James  Cook and the HMS Endeavour.

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Friday 22 Janvier, invitation

How do you fancy and evening with the L’association Laperouse at the musee in the old quarter of Albi to partake of “la galette des rois” a long tradition here, not sure if it is common through out France.
Thought you might like the attached of Albi? Err wot pic, ****** WordPress/ Explorer won’t load not even after the 93rd attempt… Ahh well, try again tomorrow?
I am preparing a painting of the meeting between Laperouse (the French explorer and navigator) and the First Fleet at Botany Bay (Who founded the nation we know as Australia) , now on my urgent list.
My research is quite advanced however there are still questions to be answered.

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