“Moonlight patrol", HM Submarine Unique (N95).

A yarn of history from the research of Gordon Frickers into the story of HMS Unique and the British U class submarines.
Unique was one of the second build group of the U-class which consisted of twelve submarines.Dawn_patrol_IMG_8472_05.09.10_d.JPG
This second group included a number of submarines that would go on to become particularly famous the foremost being HMS Upholder commanded for its entire career by Lieutenant-Commander Malcolm David Wanklyn VC, DSO & Two Bars.

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Painting progress

August closes, marine painting has resumed in earnest at last following the difficulties caused by having to leave Itzac suddenly due to faulty electrics.

Being a bit out of practice it seems there is more paint on me than on the canvases, a situation I’m hoping to reverse.

Work has recommenced on the new version of the renowned “Trafalgar dawn” (available quickly and securely using PayPal as a signed numbered edition from page

http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html), an update written below.

Also on the easel in the past few days, HM Submarine Unique and “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater and the Samuel Plimsol” ~ here is a brief progress report.

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