"Formidable", a new print!

HMS Formidable, 1942 – Seafires returning http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/formidable_seafires.html A signed numbered limited edition, hot off the press!  Detail: –  The recipient of the first 2 copies, Euro MP Brian Simpson kindly wrote “The prints arrived safely and I am very pleased with them“. Incidentally congratulations to Brian, deservedly newly re elected despite the embarressment of antics in the … Read more

Joined H.M.S. Formidable… Made history by being…

“A little more on ‘Formidable’  from my fathers diary.”

We are fortunate to be able to read this remarkable story, kindly sent by the son of the author after a chat over the phone while he was ordering 2 prints of the painting on page   http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/formidable_seafires.html.

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(Gordon’s notes in brackets, abbreviations marked * explained at the end of the text)

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