Christmas carols are coming

Christmas and snow are coming to Castelnau de Montmiral, here is a pop up pic from last year.  CDM_Christmas_tree_IMG_0130_d.JPG

The soprano (Dutch) Alexandra Elizinga will be singing with an English choir at  an Anglo French carol service Friday the 16 th (19.00 ish) in the beautiful ancient church, a marvelous setting.

The following day, the 17 th is scheduled as a special market day, Marche de Noël and will include carols sung in the centre of the village beside the Christmas tree.

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Festive season and The Grand Plan.

At Castelnau de Montmiral the national holiday and festive continues with a special fiore de miel (market) all day in the village, the best I have seen here for local products and an evening meal under a full moon, all very popular and attracting more tourists than I have seen before in one day in this village.  Marche_IMG_1705_d.JPG

MB_working_IMG_1715_d.JPG Meanwhile it is all work work work here as Michael Baker, you can see here how hard he is working, finger on the touch pad,  and I brace up the web site, new home page, new Print gallery page – easier to use, and chase down many other details not least of which is furthering “The Grand Plan“.

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Fete de musique de Castelnau de Montmiral

This week end is a long vacation for most of France. CdM_fete_IMG_1660_d.JPG

A national holiday celebrated at Castelnau de Montmiral with free music, dance, a special open air market all day on Monday and of course good food and drink.

CdM_fete_IMG_1675_d.JPG The week end sets sail this warm evening, still 24 C at 23.00 hrs, with party time under a full moon on the Esplanade.

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Wood from the trees

Today is market day at Castelnau de Montmiral.

Michael Baker and I recommenced work following a leisurely start to the day including shopping and a coffee.

We are beginning the task of pulling together a plan which has become known as “The Grand Plan“, a rather Napoleonic title that also carries in our view a hint of Wallis and Grommit which will help keep us realistic and light hearted.

We began today following and a conversation inspired by the painting “The Promenade”. FR_land_18.05.10_IMG_7519_d.jpg

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Tour de France, tourists and a secret wine

Great excitement in Castelnau de Montmiral today, the Tour de France passed this morningTdF_IMG_1508_d.JPG.

This meant the village was hovered over by 3 noisy helicopters filming live for French national TV.

While CdM got no obvious benefit from the Tour de France, over the past 2 years we have been getting more tourists.

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Un des plus beaux village de France

An unexpected exhibition will run to the end of September.

Today we disconcerted and surprised Gordon Frickers by having him place a small but very special exhibition of landscape paintings of the Tarn in the beautiful Hotel des Consuls, right in the centre of the historic 13th century Castelnau de Montmiral, the Place des Arcades. Htl_des_Consuls_IMG_8337.jpg

The hotel, open all day every day is easy to find and visit, now run by the very amicable Helene and Marc Gaudechon the hotel retains its traditional character, is deseptively spacious and charming inside including a large (for Castelnau de Montmiral) private terrace and garden and a small swimming pool; room prices start from 48 Euros, tel: +33 (0)5 63 33 17 44 or view (email:, we unreservedly recommend this hotel.

The landscape paintings on show were all painted in the area when Gordon Frickers was experimenting with his odd colour vision, none were intended for sale yet have gained quite a following in England being noted for their colour, depth, rhythms, vibrancy and much more.Ricks__valle_de_Vere_IMG_7441_d.jpg

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