Forgotten painting rediscovered – Ben Aynslie at the Sydney Olympic Games 2000;

Revitalised over the past few months: an Olympic marine painting, rarer, a marine portrait.
Ironically, this old and forgotten painting  will probably become  my most important painting this year?

So sorry I can’t show you the entire of this dynamic picture – yet.
This marine painting, a portrait, has just had a major upgrade to my latest standard.   B_Ayns_detail_painting_04.09_006_wp.jpg
My question is how to use this completely unique marine portrait to do the BOA, RYA and me the most good?

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Ben Aynslie at the Sydney Olympics Games – "Going for Gold",

Drove north to the farm near Fougers, nearer, Fougerolles, driven by several necessities.
The painting I most wanted to bring south, “Going for Gold”, Ben Aynslie at the Sydney Olympics.
I wish to re work this very unusual portrait of Ben Aynslie. messiers-house-n-barn-img_4138-wp

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