"Trafalgar, Nelson's plan…"

Trafalgar Dawn (http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/trafalgar_dawn.html)  has become a famous painting including being reproduced in several authoritative books and is available as a signed numbered Heritage edition from this web site.

For some years now friends have been asking me to paint and print the opposite view, from the French flagship, to make a pair, neat idea but the research proved very illusive.

Do have a look at the beginning of this historic painting and be one of the first people to to see pretty much what the French saw from their flag ship Bucentaure on that fateful Monday 21st October 1805.Trafalgar_Dawn__French_perspective__painting_in_progress_IMG_8530_14.09.10.JPG

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Last Monday I crossed the English Channel and now I need a new studio…

I sailed on 19,500 tons of  Brittany Ferries new “Amourique” then stayed my first night near Redon.
I have the keys to a friends house where I often help out while passing through, then eventually found my way back to Itzac in the Tarn, Midi Pyrenees.Geoff_n_Wendy_HouseIMG_5767_wp.jpg
I have been mostly cleaning my house since. How do so many spiders and so much dust get in a closed house ~ and 3 frogs in the bathroom?
The picture of my cottage was taken last year before the house warming but balloons apart the place has not changed much for 50 years and was in 1825 the village forge.Soir_de_la_Fete__ma_maison_IMG_4606_wp.jpg
Yesterday re started painting, a large landscape painting and a marine painting, a new “Trafalgar Dawn”.

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