Google Idiots

Google Stupidity. Is your mobile phone 100 % reliable everywhere all the time? Google thinks it is. It is bad enough that Google discriminates by giving SEO low ratings to websites like my two sites while blatantly promoting the ‘big boys’ who can afford to pay staff to ensure their business has a high SEO … Read more

Cowes updated

“Cowes Week”, Looking for an exquisite gift for a member of the British Royal Family? You have found one here. A marine painting by Gordon Frickers, 35 x 24 cm (14″ x 9″), for sale, available, offers from £1,200. Painting and texts updated thoroughly, enjoy. Painted on location as the race unfolded, the yachts … Read more

‘Jane Banks’ entering Bermuda

Added new information on this famous schooner, “Jane Banks”, 05.10.2017. See: “Jane Banks” entering Bermuda Contact Us T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435  Mobile 00 33 (0) 6 10 66 19 26 or Skype ‘gordonfrickers’ Email: artistfrickers at  Simply, securely;  to place a deposit or payment on our Payment page  to make this your Gordon Frickers … Read more

Sunrise sunset swiftly flow the years

A favourite line from a song in “Fiddler on the Roof”…maybe you too remember it?

Sunrise,25 July
Sunrise,25 July

I have been having (English phrase) ‘one hell of a week’, meaning very unusual and in this case a ‘right bas**d’.
Would I buy ‘Orange’ again or recommend? Very unlikely.

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Upgrade image

Here is a sneak preview and here is the web site page link, enjoy The problem is over time older digital images degrade. As mentioned a few days ago “The Clipper Way”, available as a co signed by the illustrious Robin Knox-Johnston, numbered print has been re photographed and the web site images updated, 

Nexus and the Mersey ferry

Page updated on, “Cable Ship Nexus”. BT Marine  commissioned 2 paintings, one for the boardroom, one for presentation to Coe Metcalf for the excellent work, which like the paintings were completed in budget & on time.

Nexus, British  Telecom Marine cable ship
Nexus, British Telecom Marine cable ship

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