and 4 large bars of chocolate…

This evening despite the steady rain and more snow here  metaphorically, the sun came out: major changes to the web site and regular email was restored for the first time in 3 months; if you have the time, please always advise me of any web page that does not open, thank you.

The pain lasted weeks, subsiding now thanks to the work, the support of, and 4 large bars of chocolate… 

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A momentous 18 months since the previous newsletter!

Newsletter 6 from The Art of Gordon Frickers, November 2008

This newsletter goes to people who have 

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Stange things happen on computers…

Mysterious happenings on my desktop computer

Wow, what a difference, I’d never go back!

Last week I treated my desktop PC to a new monitor/screen.  I changed my 17″ screen for the latest thing according to their web site, from AMU, a 22″ flat screen.

The 5 year old 17″ was ceremoniously retired and replaced with a shinny new 22″ flat screen built by AMU


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