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I’m sharing a post from Linkedin with you as I thought you might enjoy the following, my response to a recent comment by Tim Maltin, “Chief Executive at Maltin PR, Legal and Litigation PR – Beautiful painting Gordon.
Tell us more about it/show us the whole image…😋
Thank you Tim, 🙂 the detail is from a 30″ x 48″ painting commissioned by, owned by the renowned Pete Goss and available as a fine print from my website Marine Print Gallery.

This detail is a good example of why some people call me “the new Turner”.

Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean (detail)
We began the design when Pete invited me to visit him on board “Spirit of Mystery”, the replica 1850 style Cornish lugger he had built and sailed to Australia in the track of the original “Mystery”.
Pete Goss and Gordon Frickers planning the painting onboard Spirit of Mystery

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What is Leadership?
There are to many books and videos on this subject, many misleading.
Nelson’s Column
Most of those about Nelson fail despite frequent references to his leadership, to explain why Nelson was a great leader and how his character was moulded.
This painting, one of my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series has never been pubilcly exhibited, a great opportunity for someone.

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HMS Racehorse

H M Sloop ‘Racehorse‘ my painting on my page “Nelson’s Arctic Voyage“,…/the…/hms-racehorse/ has raised some interesting points on the excellent Facebook page ‘The sailing frigates, ship sloops and war brigs 1620-1870’.
HMS Racehorse Crew
Racehorse Crew detail


One gentleman wrote :
Lovely picture with beautiful storm details such as the slackened haulyards for the jib. It’s a brave man standing on the jib boom and bowsprit cap.

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A Role Model for Today’s Youth?

It is blowing a full gale rising to storm force here, blowing hard with squalls and heavy showers since yesterday evening, here on the French Atlantic Ocean coast.

Nelson’s Arctic Voyage

A gale quite similar to the great gale Admiral Nelson predicted as he died.
«Anchor Hardy, anchor», said the dying Admiral Nelson, still thinking of his men and ships as the battle of Trafalgar drew to its dramatic finalé.

Who was this Admiral Horatio Nelson, how was his character moulded?

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Myths and Facts, some clues?

Trafalgar, what was really happening at dawn off Cape Trafalgar ?

I present for you a perspective based upon over 10 years of research, some of it into archives unavailable to most scholars.

«Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective» of the British fleet at 06.10.

One of my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series.

Popular myths, legend and propaganda abound.

At dawn the British Fleet as over 10 years of research I carefully plotted, at dawn is here with ships individually named, where dispersed over 3 x 4 miles of ocean.

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Sunrise at Sea

Today is 21st October, 06.05, sunrise over the sea, 1805, you are in this painting, on board H.M.S. Victory, Nelson’s flagship; today is “Trafalgar Dawn”.   A classic marine painting 30 x 121 cm (12″ x 48″) SOLD. Available from my Marine Art Prints page from £ / € 167., on canvas for the look … Read more

Canoe Conodal?

The warmest day in the Tarn for a week.

Watching the weather forecasts for ‘canoe surgery’, and making very sure we had all the materials and tool we needed, I had all the preparation ready for this day.

Following a deliberately late breakfast Hervé and I ‘blitzkrieged’ his 5 m  kayak.

The first task was to ‘glass in’ the hanging knees we had fitted.

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