Heroic Voyage

Today the heroic voyage of HMS Pickle is commemorated in the Royal Navy with ‘Pickle Night’, with a plaque on the quay at Falmouth and with the marked historic route her commander took to London known as The Trafalgar Way.
Years ago when I completed my first two HMS Pickle paintings my ex wife 2 and I held a ‘Pickle Night’ party which included 2 square rig captains and real cannons.
HMS Pickle, First With The News

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This Morning

This little schooner had survived, only just, 2 heavy gales in the Bay of Biscay, the date was the fourth of November 1805.
She conveyed on board the most momentous news of that decade as she arrived at Falmouth, England.

Trafalgar Messenger

Her unlikely name now immortalised in history was HMS Pickle.This painting measures 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″), available, price upon application.

Trafalgar Messenger, detail

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On this day

The year was 1805, this little schooner was in real trouble in the Bay of Biscay. She was leaking so badly her captain decided to jettison some of her 2 ton guns. She survived. She sailed on the 4 th of November, into history as the vessel that delivered the most momentous news of that … Read more

Cornish Race

A new commission beginning to take shape.

Rhoda Mary
painting progress 12.08.19

To take pride of place in the new house of a gentleman in Florida with family connections with the three vessels illustrated.

“Rhoda Mary” from Falmouth racing “Katie Clewett” from Fowey.

To be a new marine painting in oils by Gordon Frickers, 70 x 105 cm (27.1/2″ x 41 1/4″).

According to family oral history,

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All Change.

Rain stops play, not for long.
A strong gale force 4, frequently gusting 8 [35 mph] yesterday, trees dancing merrily.
A remarkable drop in temperature, 35 down to 20 C [72 F].
It feels chilly so jeans and a jersey today, at least for the morning.
Heavy rain this morning has cleared giving way to an all blue sky.
Here are a few photos taken during the last of the heat wave.
Boat work continued, tyre pressures adjusted on my boat trailer,
an evening sortie to a fine beach, the pleasures of Brittany … dream, enjoy.

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L’Hermione, Frégate

I’m delighted, news of my painting “Painting “L’Hermione frégate de le Marquis de Lafayette “.
This fine picture will for a very modest limited licence fee, will be reproduced in France only, inside the French national schoolbook designed for 14-16 year-old pupils.:  a Geography and History schoolbook  : Histoire-géographie EMC 2de bac pro  15362

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Fishy Fun?

Catch of the Day?
If you were asked to paint this fish what would your solution be?

On behalf of The Fisherman’s Mission, registered charity, patron H M The Queen, I’ve been as to paint this fish for a celebrity charity auction as one of 100 celebrity painted fish.
I’m also requested to write a 150 word biography.

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