As with most of N W Europe, we have our third heatwave this summer with temperatures for the past few days 30 to 40 C

Methinks, this must be affecting the colder parts of our planet.
Whatever, my garden seems to like this.

and our forecast is predicting heavy rain just in time to spoil our weekend outdoors.

Could be our last weekend before Corvid 19 D comes to Brittany?

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A recent enquiry for a new painting,

subject, a coaster in heavy weather.

Coaster, morning mist,
Outward bound coaster, morning mist,
Coasters and I don’t mean the table mat sort … I’ve always admired coasters and their crews, those of the days of sail and today.
I think theirs was an under rated, higher risk calling than deep sea voyages.

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Hot Stuff

The weather here at my hot home has been beautiful. That is if you like blue skies, no rain, hot days and warm evenings, with good light for painting so I’ve been painting. Is this hot weather climate change, planet warming, or a real ‘Flaming June’ as per the old days? Yesterday was exceptionally warm. … Read more

BBC bias

BBC has “misplaced its moral compass.”

Long Buried Report on BBC Anti-Israel Bias Deserves to be Published.
You can demand unbiased reporting by a major news institution, not just for Jewish people, of us all.

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Day out

A splendid day off before sticking my nose back onto my keyboard. Beautiful warm sunny weather and lunch at Pipriac with delightful French friends. A French lunch usually takes 3 to 6 hours so it was evening before I went to La Roche-Bernard for the first post lockdown ‘gathering’ L’Assos Bernez, au Pisse Mémé ! … Read more

Fête de la Liberté

Je vous invite tous les deux, ainsi que tous nos amis. Ici à Théhillac pour un goûter téa anglais avec des scones mode a Devon, le 25 mai, pour fêter notre retour grandissant à la liberté: oh oui, c’est aussi mon anniversaire, (encore 21 ans) I invite you both and all our friends, here to … Read more

Easter Sunday

Here is hoping all my Christian friends passed as beautiful or even better Easter Sunday than I did.
On a friends recommendation I visited the Marché Artisanale at Brain de Vilaine, a very ‘Breton’ village 🙂.
Exotic peppers from Christian Buchot, SAS Les épices de Cahan.
rare and aromatic peppers try www.lesepicesdecahan.fr

Lots to discover, lots of great bricabrac stalls, lots to eat, I was intriged by the South American ‘mini pasties’ made by Yamila of Empanadas, la Comparsa (T : 06 51 95 78 37).
I tried the ‘cheese & olive’ version, delicious ! 🙂

Also the exotic peppers and yes I couldn’t resist buying some from Christian Buchot of the SAS Les épices de Cahan.
Among other things he told me they supply Harods of Knightsbridge, London.
To sniff out more about these rare and aromatic peppers try www.lesepicesdecahan.fr, enjoy !

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La Recouverance

Here is an adventure for you! Photographed recently here is a detail from my painting long since sold, of the splendid French privateer schooner ‘La Recouverance’. Today she is based at her home port of Brest and it is possible to sail on her. You can view my painting and read the story via my … Read more

Word Power

Word sharing, worth sharing with you I hope you will agree with my friend American Rainbow Lightning Elk raised a good point today when she wrote on my Facebook page “So much history in that head of yours!
‘A Baglah dhow’, my painting used for the front cover of the best selling book ‘The Corsair’
I confess, I do love to hear a good story and enjoy telling an entertaining tale too🙂.
Much of the research for my paintings unwraps stories and ways of life that can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet.
It seems to me a pity not to share them hence the ‘further reading’ pages on my websites.

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