Books? Who reads books these days?

Matt Burton very kindly gave me a rather old quite fragile set of ‘The Navel history of Great Britain’, all six volumes😶😮.
Naval History
Naval History of Great Britain
This set as far as I can tell, is of the second edition published 1826, much revised by the author William James after comments by naval officers who were present at many of the events described.

Books, Value

That makes these an even better edition to read than the first edition.

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Golden Hinde

A ‘Wheels Down’ salute to the Golden Hinde.

Golden Hinde & Red Arrows, July 1982
To the men who served her during her astonishing circumnavigation, Golden Hinde is the second ship to make a circumnavigation, and the replica ship built at Appledore, Devon, and her people.
One of several photographs I made in 1982 at Falmouth, Cornwall, enjoy.

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A nice sunny, warm day today including coffee in Castres, a picnic with my Boyer family and a visit to a Tarn granite quarry. Tomorrow, the long drive North 8 to 10 hours, to my home and studio, lots to do there …

Press for details?

What the press are saying “No sunshine in France this August (so far) – when will it change?
After two summers of heatwaves this year is a washout.
When will it stop raining?”
Rain or no rain, with travel restrictions eased, the English Channel ferry companies all report phones red hot!
Last week when I drove south in heavy traffic I saw only 2 British cars.

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Today to historic #Carcassonne, #France . Carcassonne is a place I know fairly well & am interested in living near. Carcassonne is the most famous monument between Monte Carlo and Bordeaux, visited by too many celebrities to count including such diverse people as Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Mick Jagger. I’ve had lots of other … Read more


SSurfing at Vieux Boucau,

“Three Waves” surfing. I seem to have finished this my first ‘Surfer’ painting, 30.5 x 45.6 cm (12″ x 18″). Surfing is giving me some ideas for more… Surfing “Three Waves” also askes me questions the first being should I paint a series and if so why? I’ve a lot of experience painting waves. Several … Read more


As with most of N W Europe, we have our third heatwave this summer with temperatures for the past few days 30 to 40 C

Methinks, this must be affecting the colder parts of our planet.
Whatever, my garden seems to like this.

and our forecast is predicting heavy rain just in time to spoil our weekend outdoors.

Could be our last weekend before Corvid 19 D comes to Brittany?

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A recent enquiry for a new painting,

subject, a coaster in heavy weather.

Coaster, morning mist,
Outward bound coaster, morning mist,
Coasters and I don’t mean the table mat sort … I’ve always admired coasters and their crews, those of the days of sail and today.
I think theirs was an under rated, higher risk calling than deep sea voyages.

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