France, new two-way speed cameras in unmarked cars

Two-way speed cameras go live in France in unmarked cars just in time fore the Toussaint holiday.This follows discussions proposing many speed limits are cut by 10 kph 

The new mobile speed cameras will be able to catch speeding vehicles in either directions – to pass at speed in either direction means you are ‘nicked’… 

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Accurate Translations, Spirit of Mystery and wine

 Tonight I must write a letter to a gentleman in Monaco to be translated by Helene Ancelot. Undoubtedly the gentleman will speak good English, it seems to me though, more polite to approach him using French. MC_2010_IMG_8605.jpg_wp.jpg

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E mail Problem – Serious

The web site has a serious e mail problem associated with Windows Live Mail.

Until further notice please use our emergency e mail address: , thank you.

We are unable to receive or send e mail. For Server: ‘, we get: Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Server Response: -ERR Login failed.

We are getting error: Server: ‘’, Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E, Socket Error: 10060. We are working on the problem with and

If you know of a solution or have / had a similar problem please email us at or phone + 44 (0)1865 52 2435

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compulsorily redecorated

At present I am marine painting, almost finished the new version of Trafalgar dawn.
A French perspective so again HMS Pickle is included her topsail catching the early dawn, and am struggling with some market research and preparations for Brussels.
I have a long list of tasks, no one to help me and the house being compulsorily redecorated around me which has set me back at least a week.

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Snow, panic and Ben Aynslie, a rare event or climate change?

The South of France was hit heavily by snow yesterday , over 3″ in places. 

Some French are saying drivers in the South of France  are upset by 2 days of rain, this snow is causing panic, catostrophy!itzac-valley-snow-img_4359-wp

The snow arrived at Castelnau de Montmiral and Itzac during the night so what are the roads like?


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