The Ocean of Chupra.

A cool start here at Théhillac leading to a beautiful warm sunny day ideal for painting ‘Théhillac Style’, outside on the patio.
Chupra’s under painting has begun, as usual it should not be thought of as in any way ‘finished’. 

Chupra 06.08.17
Chupra 06.08.17
I’ll let the under painting go to touch dry then start the final drawing of the ship.

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What is a ‘remarque’?

Sometimes I am asked “what is a remarque?”
I have just drawn 5 for a client who has ordered 4 copies the edition of of “Bamora and Canberra” (limited to 25 signed numbered copies only) and one of the famous “Roaring Forties” numbered, co signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
To further explain a remarque I’ve attached 2 photos here.

"Bamora and Canberra" print number 4
“Bamora and Canberra” print number 4

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