Canoe Conodal?

The warmest day in the Tarn for a week.

Watching the weather forecasts for ‘canoe surgery’, and making very sure we had all the materials and tool we needed, I had all the preparation ready for this day.

Following a deliberately late breakfast Hervé and I ‘blitzkrieged’ his 5 m  kayak.

The first task was to ‘glass in’ the hanging knees we had fitted.

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Photo finish, Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean

“its just the painting I had hoped for” .   Regarding ‘Spirit of Mystery’ in  SoM_04.12.12_IMG_4940_wp.JPG what Hollywood calls an ‘ultimate storm’, there has been a flurry of e mails between Pete Goss and myself over the past couple of days so for those interested in the creative process here follows a summary of the completion, the lastv 2 % of effort for this large marine painting.

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What is a ‘remarque’?

Sometimes I am asked “what is a remarque?”
I have just drawn 5 for a client who has ordered 4 copies the edition of of “Bamora and Canberra” (limited to 25 signed numbered copies only) and one of the famous “Roaring Forties” numbered, co signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
To further explain a remarque I’ve attached 2 photos here.

"Bamora and Canberra" print number 4
“Bamora and Canberra” print number 4

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