The great race, HMS Pickle,

Pickle__approaching_the_Lizard_IMG_3107_1_d.jpg HMS Pickle sailed into history as the ship first with the news of Trafalgar; these paintings are intended to be a companion prints for our well known print of HMS Pickle racing to England.

A number of people said they would like a Pickle picture in calm weather so now we can offer alternatives of the pair.

These originals and sketches are open to offers – and my work needs an agent. Pickle__04.11.05_IMG_3088_1_d.jpg

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The picture is titled 'After Sunset'

August 03, 2011 7:39 A.M. Mike Robbins started the following correspondence hoping I could identify a painting possibly by the “Cornish” artist W.A. Frickers.
Mike generously concluded with “I’m really glad to have made the connection and found you thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Your works are simply fantastic, and your website is a joy to visit. All the very best to you for the future”.
This tale is reproduced with his kind permission, enjoy:

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Photographing paintings, best results conclusions

Using an SLR Canon D 60. If you use this info other from this site and blog, please credit generously.

Doing so enhances your credibility and ours , win win.

This also means, coming soon, pictures and histories of a veritable collection of new paintings, book mark this blog for a feast!

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Many of us are following with great concern events in Egypt, a great country an amazing history and who’s often courageous people are faced with grave challenges

My favourite comment was:

Posted on Facebook by an Israeli:
“Dear Egyptian rioters, please don’t damage the pyramids.

We will not  rebuild.

Thank you.”

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The pickle puzzles continues…

Had an interesting comment come in recently regarding the much acclaimed marine painting in print as “I have urgent dispatches“, copies  available using PayPal via page and on the web site as H.M. Schooner Pickle carrying the news of the battle of Trafalgaurgent_dispatches_in_framed.jpgr.

The gentleman in question wrote:

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Easter and Pesach have passed over

A stunningly clear morning, the mountains shown in the photo are about 100 miles away,  then gales here.30.03.10_Mts_IMG_7035_d.jpg

A beautiful full moon rise here in an almost clear calm sky  heralds the start of the Easter vacations in France.

The most immediate effect of this will be a marked decline in Internet speed as thousands of  kids go online and more Gendarmerie on the roads with portable radar, neither issue helping those of us with work to do!

In general the Internet in France is patchy as is mobile phone reception, neither being as fast and reliable as in England.

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