Black Lives Matter?

Drake and slavery

Knocking down statues has become the ‘in’ thing among part of our population.

Now- Wow we have a proposal to knock off Sir Francis Drake, remove his statue from Plymouth Hoe.

'Golden Hinde'
Drake’s ‘Golden Hinde’

If you disagree I suggest you sign the petition to keep the statue on site in place.

We might as well knock down the Pyramids as they were allegedly built by slave labour.

Such vandalism would be bad for tourism !

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Outbound, Liverpool on her stern

Blue funnel or as they say in her home port of Liverpool “a Blue Flue Liner”, outward bound, from #Bombay [now #Mumbai] #India,  #Liverpool on her stern.
I present the good ship
Agapenor at Bombay (Mumba)
This fine 29 x 60 cm (11½” x 23½”) painting is available, a bargain at £950.00, ex studio.

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HMS Somerset on anti piracy duty
Dawn Patrol

A type 23, similar to HMS Montrose currently deployed in the Persian Gulf region.

This water colour of “HMS Somerset, anti piracy patrol dawn on the Red Sea” measuring 35 x 18 cm (14” x 7”) was commissioned by her officers as a parting gift for her commander.
HMS Somerset presentation
Somerset presentation
Tanker crisis :

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It’s surfaced yet again, the claim HMS Pickle was built at Bermuda.
Not that it really matters however, there are quite a few mysteries surrounding the second HMS Pickle.
Nelson described her as “ubiquitous Pickle”.
Was Sting / Pickle built at Bermuda?
HMS Pickle – I have urgent dispatches
If you have documented proof that Sting was built in Bermuda I’d be very interested to see the proof. 

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Slow ahead both

 ‘Titanic, Plymouth Harbour’, progress with the paintings which measure 175.5 x 80 cm, [69″ x 31 1/2 “].
Exactly the same size as the original the famous artist Norman Wilkinson painted for the White Star Line, lost with the ‘Titanic’. 
TPH progress
I am commissioned to produce 2 paintings, both to replicate as accurately as possible, the splendid original, one for my client, the other for sale as a joined venture. 

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