Racehorse reversed

HMS Racehorse‘, a big change made to the composition. 

Racehorse 07.08.17
Racehorse 07.08.17
This was decided for several reasons including, to show her starboard side meant the saild would mask most of her decks thus hiding what would be interesting accurate details and by showing her port side we are looking fromn the East by North East to the South West so the lighting and colours offer me more possibilities.
Today I’ll refine ‘Racehorse‘ and begin to sort out her masts, spars and sails, all info from the log book and the combined sea & ship building experience of Peter Goodwin and I.

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The Ocean of Chupra.

A cool start here at Théhillac leading to a beautiful warm sunny day ideal for painting ‘Théhillac Style’, outside on the patio.
Chupra’s under painting has begun, as usual it should not be thought of as in any way ‘finished’. 

Chupra 06.08.17
Chupra 06.08.17
I’ll let the under painting go to touch dry then start the final drawing of the ship.

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It’s blowing up

‘Chupra’ as modified re my previous post on this subject.
Changes include ship reduced, direction of sea changed, sky adjusted, some tonal values started.

Chupra 01.08.17
Chupra 01.08.17

The ship is not yet well drawn, that starts with the next stage provided my client likes what he sees in the potential here.
When completed she will make a fine addition to the B I Collection on my web site, you can discover more on page 

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Giving birth while painting

Birth of a new Painting a beginning, basic drawing near complete, first tonal values added, ‘Racehorse’, HMS, intended and produced in co operation as an illustration for the next book by the distinguished naval author Peter Goodwin.
This new painting measures 1 x .75 m (39″ x 29.5″), produced on speculation and because it’s a chance to work with Peter Goodwin.

Racehorse 01.08.17
Racehorse 01.08.17

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How tight is your gammoning?

Is your gamoning tight enough?

A new study for HMS ‘Racehorse‘, measures 42 x 59, (16.x 23) 

Racehorse sketch 09.05.17
Racehorse sketch 09.05.17, available, £125.
I have a quick ‘church’ to draw for Harwich (Bromley), for charity; “charity is fine, subscribe to mine…”
After which I will start ‘Chupra‘, a splendid 1944 built British India Steam navigation Company ‘C’ class cargo liner.

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A preventer gammoning and Racehorse.


For those of you who follow this page in part for insights into a creative process these sketches are a treat, they represent the early stirrings of what will become a major painting of HMS “Racehorse“. 

Racehorse sketches 31.03.17
Racehorse sketches 31.03.17

I’m very please to be preparing this Racehorse in part because it has a Trafalgar connection, more of that later, so will fit snugly in among my ‘Trafalgar Collection’ paintings.

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