For those on peril on the sea

Wot, no rigging on Racehorse?

As we, HMS Racehorse, author Peter Goodwin and I  get neared completing, changes become progressively more refined, smaller and more subtle, harder to notice, yet people have very powerful intuition so sense what is not right.

Racehorse progress, 30.10.17
Racehorse progress, 30.10.17

There remains much to be done, completion or at least the delicate 97 % stage does now look in sight. You can follow this rare new yarn via “HMS Racehorse“.

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Surprise? L’Hermione

l’Hermione, frigate, now you see me now you don’t…

Surprise ! Hermione, 08.10.17
Surprise ! Hermione, 08.10.17

Well, what do you make of this?

Surprise ? L'Hermione, detail
Surprise ? L’Hermione, detail

A new as near complete addition to ‘The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’.
This looks simple? 
My impression of the Hermione (pronounced Her’me’on), Concord class frigate launched at Rochefort sur Mer, 2015.

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Surprise! l’Hermione, new

A new as yet incomplete addition to  ‘The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’. L’Hermione,La Fayette, La Frégate de la liberté. Painting in production, real marine art, measuring a healthy 75 x 120 cms (29 1/2″ x 47 1/4″), Oils, available / the original; price to be decided. Painting in production, watch out for updates, by Gordon Frickers, a marine … Read more

Racehorse reversed

HMS Racehorse‘, a big change made to the composition. 

Racehorse 07.08.17
Racehorse 07.08.17
This was decided for several reasons including, to show her starboard side meant the saild would mask most of her decks thus hiding what would be interesting accurate details and by showing her port side we are looking fromn the East by North East to the South West so the lighting and colours offer me more possibilities.
Today I’ll refine ‘Racehorse‘ and begin to sort out her masts, spars and sails, all info from the log book and the combined sea & ship building experience of Peter Goodwin and I.

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