“Good drawing is the basis of all good painting” : Francis Pratt, professor, Painting school of Montmiral.
These pictures are not good drawing, yet.
a glimpse of a new painting now in progress.🙂
The drawing does though give you and secretive insight into the transformation from idea to concept sketches.
Given the interest in the progress of my post below about the new painting ‘Charlestown Morning’, I though some of you might like to also see and follow this emerging story
This new painting as yet un-named is not even mentioned on my web site, it measures 53 x 91 cm (21″ x 36″).

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Mayflower Plymouth

Or Plymouth Mayflower, worthy of a fine new painting, both are justifiably world famous names?

Mayflower400, a unique perspective
Mayflower, #painting near completion
I’m thinking of Mayflower400, 60 x 90 cm (23 5/8″ x 35 3/8″), available £/€ or U S $, 6,000.
Any reputable gallery would be delighted to offer this painting for this price or more …

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Unfinished miniature, progressing nicely. The renowned clipper ‘Samuel Plimsoll’ loading migrants for Australia at Plymouth as she did annually for 15 years, returning with wool. Measuring 19.6 x 24.8 cm (7¾” x 9¾”), if you’d like a painting like this you know where to come.

For those on peril on the sea

Wot, no rigging on Racehorse?

As we, HMS Racehorse, author Peter Goodwin and I  get neared completing, changes become progressively more refined, smaller and more subtle, harder to notice, yet people have very powerful intuition so sense what is not right.

Racehorse progress, 30.10.17
Racehorse progress, 30.10.17

There remains much to be done, completion or at least the delicate 97 % stage does now look in sight. You can follow this rare new yarn via “HMS Racehorse“.

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Surprise? L’Hermione

l’Hermione, frigate, now you see me now you don’t…

Surprise ! Hermione, 08.10.17
Surprise ! Hermione, 08.10.17

Well, what do you make of this?

Surprise ? L'Hermione, detail
Surprise ? L’Hermione, detail

A new as near complete addition to ‘The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’.
This looks simple? 
My impression of the Hermione (pronounced Her’me’on), Concord class frigate launched at Rochefort sur Mer, 2015.

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