This Morning

This little schooner had survived, only just, 2 heavy gales in the Bay of Biscay, the date was the fourth of November 1805.
She conveyed on board the most momentous news of that decade as she arrived at Falmouth, England.

Trafalgar Messenger

Her unlikely name now immortalised in history was HMS Pickle.This painting measures 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″), available, price upon application.

Trafalgar Messenger, detail

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Blue, Red ensigns

An interesting question raised on Facebook The sailing frigates, ship sloops and war brigs 1620-1870 Edward Zimmerman.

Blue ensign
Blue ensign

“What was the significance between Red and Blue?”

Flags are a complex subject with a long history.

To fly an incorrect flag, one you are not entitled to, is still punishable by law. Both flags he mentions, red and blue, have a long history.

In Nelson’s day Blue was used together with red, white and yellow to indicate the zone a ship thus the admiral in command, operated.

Many a would be marine artist has shown a wrong flag !

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Disaster !

“The sea is all wrong, it should be flat calm” said Peter Goodwin to me by phone having just returned from the Arctic circle.
Actually, the painting, is absolutely ‘spot on’.
H M Sloop Racehorse, Friday 17 September, 1773
The moment portrayed : “HM Sloop Racehorse, North Sea storm, Arctic expedition 1773″.
Subtitle “Put Preventer Gammoning upon the Bowsprit’, Friday 17 September“.
Taken from the ship’s log book and journals and guided by the very authoritative Mr. Goodwin, this painting is accurate down to the tiller ropes on the poop deck and the fish davit blocks. The latter is a detail often missed by artists and model makers.

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A wordy start

This year in my studio has started with a bit of good luck.

The 1805 Club of North America branch asked me to write an article on how “I Have Urgent Dispatches” came to be created.

I Have Urgent Dispatches, print with texts

This is the first time since we started all those years ago inspired by the late and much missed Nick Varley, that one of the most influential ‘Nelson’ society’s has asked to show this example from my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’.


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Two for the price of one

Ready to go, varnished last week, now available for exhibition or a new home, one of my “Nelson and Trafalgar” paintings, a series, some now sold, as yet not publicly exhibited. 

Hyperlink > Nelson and the ‘Minerve‘ > available
The 21 st of October is ‘Trafalgar Day’.

‘Immortal’ Nelson’s ‘HMS Minerve’ voyage was a major ‘sea mark’ in his rise to fame. 

Nelson and the Minerve, detail
This continues my original brief while ‘Official Artist’ to HMS Victory, to research and illustrate “the lesser known but interesting aspects of Nelson and HMS Victory”. 

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What made Nelson special?

Nelson, why is Nelson said to be ‘immortal’, Nelson’s  Minerve voyage gives us clues.

Gibraltar 1796
Nelson at Gibraltar

This marine painting shows Nelson at Gibraltar, 10th December 1796 shows Nelson in the stern sheets of the cutter with tossed oars, when he transferred from the 75 gun HMS Captain  to the frigate  Minerve .

Thus You have 2 Nelson ships for the price of one.

There is an incident during the voyage with Minerve which most historians of Nelson have missed, failed to see the significance.

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Princess Royal, success, Trafalgar

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne; success, Trafalgar, Pickle, here’s a yarn for you…

“I Have Urgent Dispatches” with texts

I don’t sell many prints these days, in fact I may well discontinue them soon. 
I’m pleased to report another large copy of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” was dispatched today, this time bound for a new home near Portsmouth, England.

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Harp, a Pickle secret?

I Have Urgent Dispatches” on a harp?

I had a very unusual copyright enquiry.

Harp Pickle detail

Plus we have a call for volunteers to work on “Iris Mary” and “Irene”, at Saltash, February 17 -22?

Ieuan was overwhelmed when he saw what was done at Christmas. We shed a few tears together….Even hardy sailors get emotional” Talfryn Laposte wrote to me.

Harp Pickle with “I have Urgent Dispatches”

Please, how much, to reproduce your famous “I Have Urgent Dispatches” on a harp I’m building as a surprise for my son, he loves the painting.

I Have Urgent Dispatches” By Gordon Frickers, is available as a signed limited edition print on canvas

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The last 3 % added

“HM Sloop Racehorse, North Sea storm, Arctic expedition 1773″.

HMS Racehorse
Subtitle ‘Put Preventer Gammoning upon the Bowsprit’ Friday 17 September’.
The moment shown is taken directly from the ship’s log book.
This painting has been produced ‘on speculation’ as an addition to my “Nelson and Trafalgar” Collection, a collection as yet never shown in its entirety in public, an opportunity waiting to happen.

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