A French Perspective


L’Hermione frégate de le Marquis de Lafayette.

L’Hermione frégate
762 x 1219 cm (30″ x 48″), price on application.
I’ve made some subtle yet significant changes to the colours 🎨of this splendid painting hence representing it here for your pleasure. 🙂
This is the second painting I’ve improved recently, taking very good and making it still better, a painting looking at the ‘Nelson Theme’, as seen via my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar series’.

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Nelson, HMS Racehorse

Racehorse changes, continuing the ‘Nelson’ theme, with ‘Nelson & Racehorse’.

I’ve made some subtle and yet I feel significant colour changes to this painting of RAcehorse and to the sky, right side.
Nelson, HMS Racehorse
Nelson’ Arctic Voyage, HMS Racehorse
The difference you will notice if you look at the website page ‘Nelson & Racehorse‘ and it’s further reading link.

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What is Leadership?
There are to many books and videos on this subject, many misleading.
Nelson’s Column
Most of those about Nelson fail despite frequent references to his leadership, to explain why Nelson was a great leader and how his character was moulded.
This painting, one of my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series has never been pubilcly exhibited, a great opportunity for someone.

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Bright Yellow

Trafalgar day, 21st October and Nelson’s bright yellow.
A technical note that may interest some painters and model makers, “yellow”.
The yellow of Nelson’s fleet was 6 parts white, 3 parts yellow ochre so although described at the time, as a bright yellow, was actually a creamy yellow.
Nelson's yellow
Bright Yellow
Nelson chose the colour saying he “thought it more warlike”.
His captains copied him.
My source, a letter from Nelson to the Malta dockyard discovered by the legendary “Keeper and Curator of HMS Victory “, the now living legend and author of 17 + books, Mr. Peter Goodwin.

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Hunt the Pickle

Should we have a > spot HMS Pickle < competition, she is there, ubiquitous as ever she was?
Under the radar ~ Mal Nicholson requested I show my “HMS Pickle’ paintings on his HMS Pickle Official site on Facebook; so here today are another two …
HMS Victory, Trafalgar
Trafalgar Dawn
I present “Trafalgar Dawn” : as seen and described by eye witnesses, from HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday, 21st October 1805.
The fine art print has in the margin a drawing of the scene and better still, every ship individually named.
The original is long since sold.
Trafalgar Dawn, French Perspective
To make a pair, I painted and have in print the opposite view as described from the French flag ship. That too included the elusive HMS Pickle France view so to speak.
Original available £18,000

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This Morning

This little schooner had survived, only just, 2 heavy gales in the Bay of Biscay, the date was the fourth of November 1805.
She conveyed on board the most momentous news of that decade as she arrived at Falmouth, England.

Trafalgar Messenger

Her unlikely name now immortalised in history was HMS Pickle.This painting measures 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″), available, price upon application.

Trafalgar Messenger, detail

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Blue, Red ensigns

An interesting question raised on Facebook The sailing frigates, ship sloops and war brigs 1620-1870 Edward Zimmerman.

Blue ensign
Blue ensign

“What was the significance between Red and Blue?”

Flags are a complex subject with a long history.

To fly an incorrect flag, one you are not entitled to, is still punishable by law. Both flags he mentions, red and blue, have a long history.

In Nelson’s day Blue was used together with red, white and yellow to indicate the zone a ship thus the admiral in command, operated.

Many a would be marine artist has shown a wrong flag !

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