Two pages thoroughly updated

 “Roaring Forties“, the iconic, famous, a classic painting, web site page now thoroughly updated, more and easier to read, this picture is available as a ‘Heritage’ quality signed (by Sir Robin and the artist) numbered print priced from £147.00 including postage.    “Rajula at Madras“, a classic ship, a classic painting, web site page now thoroughly … Read more

What is a ‘remarque’?

Sometimes I am asked “what is a remarque?”
I have just drawn 5 for a client who has ordered 4 copies the edition of of “Bamora and Canberra” (limited to 25 signed numbered copies only) and one of the famous “Roaring Forties” numbered, co signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
To further explain a remarque I’ve attached 2 photos here.

"Bamora and Canberra" print number 4
“Bamora and Canberra” print number 4

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Waterwitch off Gribben Head, Cornwall

The story of “Waterwitch” is a remarkable insight into the life and times of a lucky ship.

"Waterwitch off Gribben Head"
“Waterwitch off Gribben Head”

Among other things today I posted a copy of the classic painting “Waterwitch off Gribben Head” to a client in the USA. “Waterwitch” has become one of my most popular prints, prices from £147.00. I feel honoured to have sold many of the prints to descendants of Waterwitch people.

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Pickle Night Countdown

Count down to Pickle Night, 4 th November, here is a better quality picture of “The Trafalgar Messenger“, the Royal Navy’s most famous ‘little ship’, copies now available as signed numbered prints for £147.00, you can order via our Payment Page using Paypal or contact us to make a bank to bank order.

The paintings measuring 48 x 61 cms (19″ x 24″), price £ 4,500.00, =$7,187.00 USD = 5753.00 Euros.  HMS Pickle, approaching the Lizard  IMG_3436 d

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