K1 Britannia

An unusual enquiry.
The K1 Britannia project is building a replica of this most famous yacht.
Having seen online my painting “Royal Yacht Britannia (1893)”
The ‘new’ RY Britannia (1893)
I have been asked about the hull colour.
In her day, the ultimate, a ‘Formula 1’, she won some 231 races for the British Royal Family during here 40 year career.

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Quality People

“How sailing can offer vital lessons in leadership and teamwork” From CNN  “Tracy Edwards, The Maiden Factor the first person to skipper an all-female crew in the then Whitbread Round the World Race, believes squeezing the best out of a crew is perhaps the most vital skill to have as a leader. After all, it’s … Read more


Page and ‘Further Reading’ page completely revised and updated, visit, Mauretania, Cunard Liner, a good read, enjoy. Original long since sold, still in print, [original sold] a very few copies left, signed, limited edition.  £157 inc P&P via our Print Gallery page, payment can be made via Paypal or bank to bank via page the Purchase Page https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/home-page2/making-a-payment/  … Read more

400 miles of finish

The Gallant veteran French sailor veteran French sailor Jean-Luc Van Den Heede is now within 400 miles of the Golden Globe Race finish line. This despite suffering a capsize and serious mast damage during a southern ocean storm and numerous other difficulties.

He is expected to receive a huge welcome home in Les Sables d’Olonne on Monday 28th January.

The race replicates the historic original single handed non stop circumnavigation won 50 years ago by a 26 year old Robin Knox- Johnston.

Roaring Forties, the print

Robin had his achievement commemorated by the painting he named “Roaring Forties” which is available as a signed, numbered print on canvas for the look and feel of the original, from my web site from £157.00 inc P&P.

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You may want to keep this

If you have a copy of this classic picture “Roaring Forties“, you may like to keep this with it.

Keep in mind the figure on the original is about 2 cm tall so what you are seeing is a remarkable enlargement.

Roaring Forties detail

for a brief inglorious moment there was me & two masts in sight & nothing but ocean in any direction for 2,000 miles“. ~ “I saw this grey beard approaching. It wasn’t the biggest, it looked dangerous. I leapt into the rigging to avoid being swept away” > Robin Knox-Johnston wrote that in a letter to me a few months after our first meeting.

Making history, the Golden Globe Race 1968/9.

my master printer who proudly keeps a large framed “Roaring Forties”, the only framed print on his studio wall, signed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston sent me the detail you can enjoy here, from the painting. 

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A wordy start

This year in my studio has started with a bit of good luck.

The 1805 Club of North America branch asked me to write an article on how “I Have Urgent Dispatches” came to be created.

I Have Urgent Dispatches, print with texts

This is the first time since we started all those years ago inspired by the late and much missed Nick Varley, that one of the most influential ‘Nelson’ society’s has asked to show this example from my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’.


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Changing times

Into a new dawn, #painting #printing 2019, changing times, then as now, major change was in the wind.

Then, Britons were ready, well prepared, in good heart.

An officer wrote “I was awoken by the crew rushing on deck and by their cheering“. 

Today, we have problems with Europe, Brexit,  ‘Gilets Jaunes’, climate change, Islamic terrorism and much else stressing our tranquillity,  I wish all who follow my blog peace, prosperity & good health. 

“Trafalgar Dawn”

#Nelson “may no misconduct, in any one tarnish it: and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature in the British fleet. For myself individually, I commit my life to Him who made me“.

“#Trafalgar Dawn“, shows you H.M.S. Victory, the view at 06.05, Monday 21st October 1805 , the “a forest of masts“, as described in diaries. 

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Two large barrels?

An easy to understand formulae is ‘no masts = no sailing ship’.

O f H M Sloop Racehorse ~ Requested by Peter Goodwin’s editor, for the book ‘Nelson’s Arctic Voyage‘ which he has almost completed, due out next Spring [subject to climate change?].

A ‘line drawing’ to show more clearly what is meant by the log entry ‘put preventer gammoning on bowsprit‘. 

Graphite of crew gammoning
The seemingly routine log entry refers to a dramatic situation during a full gale at sea.
The rigging, in those far off days made of hemp, had due to weeks of strong gales seriously stretched thus endangering the masts.
Hence my reference to an easy to understand formulae, ‘no masts = no sailing ship’.
Therefor an important requirement is to tension the rigging. 

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Beat This?

A personal best, a 50th anniversary and a world record?
Meaning, today I posted 5 copies of “Roaring Forties“, all for different people; a personal best from my >print sales department< or to put it another more personal way, for me. . . 

‘Roaring Forties’ was named by RK-J, prints carry is and my signatures.
Like a wise owl, I can’t say ‘who to’.
Most of them will become rather splendid Christmas surprises, gifts. 

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