Concept sketches

Concept sketch, what is that😶?

Mauretania, Liverpool
Mauretania, concept sketch 1
Many of my most famous paintings started as concept sketches.
I’ll write more on this interesting subject over the coming month🙂.
In brief, a concept sketch can be anything from a ‘doodle’ to a near finished drawing, produced to explore ideas, composition and tones for a possible painting and very helpful when discussing a possible commission🙂.
Mauretania, concept sketch 2

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“Spirit of Mystery”, both pages, the home page and the ‘further reading’ page have been thoroughly edited and updated. A good read, about the voyage, why and how, about the creating of this awesome painting, recommended. Spirit of Mystery in the Great Southern Ocean, a remarkable painting for the distinguished sailor Pete Goss MBE, Legion … Read more

Warning !

Warning to all mariners, those who live near the seas and politicians 🚩.

A-76 a huge iceberg, the world’s largest, has broken off from Antarctica.
The berg broke off the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf and is floating through the Weddell Sea.
The ‘berg is roughly the shape of Manhattan and more than 70 times bigger at approximately 170 kilometres (105 miles) long and 25 kilometres wide. This is an area of 4,320 square kilometres being slightly larger than the Spanish island of Majorca.

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the original "Mystery".

A lugger of a delightful surprise to share with you seen when I switched on today !

Entitled “Gordon Frickers : A different Perspective” by Rob McDowell, this brief, splendid article opens ” There are some joys to being ‘locked down’! “.

Then gets more and more interesting.

Barnabas, lugger  :   23 X 35 cm (9″ x 14″)    Watercolour, available      £/€ 357.

Rob McDowell you  have “done it proud”, a beautifully written and balanced article inspired by my ‘ancient’ painting of the ‘Barnabas‘ lugger, sir, thank you.

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To my surprise, drawn to my attention again, my British India Collection of classic ship paintings. Consequently I have just updated this interesting page featuring ships from what was the world’s largest, most successful and much loved merchant ship fleet. In particular one of my earlier paintings, still available from my ‘Prints’ page, as a … Read more


Prints? I’m sometimes asked “what is a remarque?”.

Here is a recent print with an example, enjoy.

Remarque example

A remarque (from the French language) is an original pencil drawing from the hand of the artist to enhance the margin of your print.

Looking for the very best quality marine art prints? We are quietly confident you have found them here.

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Cornish slate

‘Waterwitch off Gribben Head’, pages edited, updated as the result of an enquiry from a Scot in Spain about Cornish Slate painting. The ‘further reading‘ page offers a facinating illustrated insight into Cornish sea life circa 19, for sure, recommended reading. Prints are available : A few Waterwitch prints remain, available as a signed limited … Read more

Love Schooners ?

Painting schooners is always a pleasure for me, more so in this instance.
The beautiful working Schooners Racing, Rhoda Mary and Katie Clewett commissioned by Frank Trebilcock, a descendant of the families who built the three renowned vessels two schooners and a sloop.
This painting is now owned with pride by his son and definitely not for sale although fine art prints are still available.

>  Purchase your print Now  <

with your credit card here via Paypal, in any currency, including £ / , / U. S. $, or for easy bank to bank see the Payments page; or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers.

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A Real Man



Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: A Force of Nature (BBC TV)

Part of the inspiring story of a cool, real man, Robin Knox-Johnston.

Thank you BBC and thank you for posting this exceptional programme.
You may notice one painting appears in this film more than any other?
Robin named the painting “Roaring Forties”.
Roaring Forties, the fine art print
He requested the prints to give you an opportunity to share his adventure, to inspire others, fine art prints on canvas for the look and feel of the real thing are available, co signed by Robin, a numbered edition from my marine web site for a very affordable price.

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