Titanic in Print

Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour, it looks like this remarkable painting will be offered this year as a print in a choice of three sizes. 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″) this definitive replica painting, soon to be offered in print in a choice of 3 sizes, is for sale, available. No reasonable offer refused.   … Read more

Trafalgar Dawn

Trafalgar dawn, The French Perspective, a definitive painting. “Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective”, 06.15, shown here as a print. 30 x 1210 cm (12″ x 48″), available, the original painting £ 12,000. As seen from the French flagship Beaucenture at approximately 06.15 Monday 21st October 1805, the British fleet of Lord Nelson off Cape Trafalgar. … Read more

Trafalgar Dawn

Trafalgar Dawn marine painting at it's best

“Trafalgar Dawn”, an awesome haunting painting, marine painting at its best ! Monday, 21st October, 06.05 and this painting places you with the men on board H.M.S. Victory, Nelson’s flagship seeing the “Trafalgar Dawn”. Available as a superb fine art print, on canvas for the look and feel of the real thing, signed, numbered, P&P … Read more

New video


New video: ‘The Port of Chester (1863)”,

this major art work is I’m pleased to report still attracting attention and back in the news this week.


Port of Chester 1863

‘Port of Chester & The River Dee basin and lock’ I am delighted to say features my painting 3 times.

Bob Moore of the Pastfinder Channel wrote to me “While “researching the old port of Chester UK and browsing the internet I came across your marvellous painting entitled ‘The Port of Chester (1863)’ “.

This new video is available for viewing on Youtube, more of that in a moment.

First, let’s set the scene for you.

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Concept sketches

Concept sketch, what is that😶?

Mauretania, Liverpool
Mauretania, concept sketch 1
Many of my most famous paintings started as concept sketches.
I’ll write more on this interesting subject over the coming month🙂.
In brief, a concept sketch can be anything from a ‘doodle’ to a near finished drawing, produced to explore ideas, composition and tones for a possible painting and very helpful when discussing a possible commission🙂.
Mauretania, concept sketch 2

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“Spirit of Mystery”, both pages, the home page and the ‘further reading’ page have been thoroughly edited and updated. A good read, about the voyage, why and how, about the creating of this awesome painting, recommended. Spirit of Mystery in the Great Southern Ocean, a remarkable painting for the distinguished sailor Pete Goss MBE, Legion … Read more