Chris Fagg

It is with the greatest sadness that it falls to me Ladies, and gentlemen, on behalf of his sister Jo and family; it is also my privileged honour, to announce we have lost Chris Fagg

Chris, James, Gordon, Nov 2018

Chris has gone from this the ‘cloud cuckoo land’ he often laughed about to what we hope is a better place.
My deepest sympathy goes to his surviving family especially his sister Jo, and to all his good friends. I wish you all long life.

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Surrender monkeys

To share a reply with you, which I made to a none to serious comment about Europeans being “all surrender monkeys”.
Trafalgar Dawn, British Perspective.
The truth can be found in reading more than the Hooray Victorian propaganda.
Trafalgar Dawn French Perspective.
As leading authorities like my friend Mr Peter Goodwin, author of 17 naval books, former Keeper and Curator for 20 years, of HMS Victory will confirm.
🇬🇧 : It is true to say the British fleet was far better trained and lead, also technically considerably advanced.
Examples, firing locks on all guns [not lit by match], advance signal code [over 4,000 words and phrases].

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Fashion Shoes

Today, some questions include on on ‘fashion’ from the famous journalist and author who visited here recently, Nike Williams.
Nike Williams
Nike is about to post some articles about my very special painting “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater”.
This fine painting has a direct connection with the very famous Mr. Samuel Plimsoll after whom ‘Plimsoll’ shoes are named.
My Plimsolls

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Plymouth to S Australia

#Emigration, Plymouth to South Australia, #Plymouth can be proud, formally the most popular depot. A forgotten history, migrants following The #Mayflower‘s wake from an unforgettable city by the ocean, now recorded via my painting and my extensive research. This marine painting measures 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″), oils, £10,000, see Purchase Page or Contact Can’t afford … Read more

50 Years on

Britain’s most distinguished sailor, 50 years on, a splendid role model for the youth of today.
Suhaili & Robin Knox-Johnston
Captain Sir Robin Knox-Johnston recrossing the finish line.
Robin Knox-Johnston
Same day same hour, same minute, 50 years after he won the first single handed non stop circumnavigation “Golden Globe” race.

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K1 Britannia

An unusual enquiry.
The K1 Britannia project is building a replica of this most famous yacht.
Having seen online my painting “Royal Yacht Britannia (1893)”
The ‘new’ RY Britannia (1893)
I have been asked about the hull colour.
In her day, the ultimate, a ‘Formula 1’, she won some 231 races for the British Royal Family during here 40 year career.

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Quality People

“How sailing can offer vital lessons in leadership and teamwork” From CNN  “Tracy Edwards, The Maiden Factor the first person to skipper an all-female crew in the then Whitbread Round the World Race, believes squeezing the best out of a crew is perhaps the most vital skill to have as a leader. After all, it’s … Read more