A French Perspective


L’Hermione frégate de le Marquis de Lafayette.

L’Hermione frégate
762 x 1219 cm (30″ x 48″), price on application.
I’ve made some subtle yet significant changes to the colours 🎨of this splendid painting hence representing it here for your pleasure. 🙂
This is the second painting I’ve improved recently, taking very good and making it still better, a painting looking at the ‘Nelson Theme’, as seen via my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar series’.

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Nelson, HMS Racehorse

Racehorse changes, continuing the ‘Nelson’ theme, with ‘Nelson & Racehorse’.

I’ve made some subtle and yet I feel significant colour changes to this painting of RAcehorse and to the sky, right side.
Nelson, HMS Racehorse
Nelson’ Arctic Voyage, HMS Racehorse
The difference you will notice if you look at the website page ‘Nelson & Racehorse‘ and it’s further reading link.

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Musée Lapérouse


The Musée Lapérouse in Albi and my painting of the famous explorer Lapérouse, his ships and their great adventure.

A story I have been meaning to relate for the past couple of years.

Musée Laperouse

I am prompted by the pleasure of Philippe De Laperouse, a descendent living in the USA connecting with me via Facebook.

This painting is at the time of my writing, the only meticulously researched, accurate portrayal of the Lapérouse and First Fleet ships and the approach to Botany Bay, the only authentic representation of the scene.

Ships of Lapérouse
Ships of Lapérouse, an example of a crewman’s  drawing.

Consequently the museum staff asked to see my painting of “Lapérouse Entering Botany Bay” so I left the painting with them for a few days.

Lapérouse Museum
Musée Lapérouse

I was told they would love to add this work of art to their display however the museum was in the process of moving to larger premises thus no funds were available; then along came Covid 19 … 

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Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour

Titanic, Plymouth

Titanic opportunity, in one very collectable painting, Titanic and Plymouth, two world famous names combine.

Titanic, Plymouth
Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour’

Here, I present completed, for the first time, for your pleasure Titanic’s “Plymouth Harbour”.

This definitive painting 🎨 is a full size 175 x 79.7 cm (60″ x 31 5/8″) and available, offers of or from £15,000.

The original painting was commissoned by White Star Line and lost with the Titanic, 14/15 April.

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Prince Philip saluted

Today Prince Philip, 🇬🇧, a great European, a great man, the Queen’s ‘strength and stay’, died age 99.

My sincere sympathy goes to the family and friends.

I have changed my title picture on my Facebook page (this splendid painting is for sale via my website) in honour of the passing of a great man.

Painted from direct observation on location, an event that happened, this painting shows (the figure in red at the helm) Britain’s Prince Philip winning a race at Cowes Week

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In response to ‘”Rainbow Lightning Elk

Definitely a Playboy!” on Facebook 17.03.2021,

Gordon Frickers, artist, sailor,

Rainbow Lightning Elk hey that’s a good one, wot ? a playboy? Me? 🥴

I’ve never had a fraction of the money needed to be a “playboy”.

My spirit might be willing, 😶 my bank balance not so 😄 !

⚓️Besides which, there are better ways of discovering, experiencing, enjoying, for filling one’s life than being a mere ‘Playboy’ or ‘Good Time Girl’.

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‘Charlestown Morning‘, a new painting shaping up for those of you who like to see a painting creation process. Here is the struggle to find the best composition. Charlestown is a famous port much used by film makers including the very popular ‘Poldark Series’. This Charlestown painting is the fourth and will probably be the … Read more