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Painting nearing completion. Interesting ? compare with the previous photo of this painting posted 30.09.2021 ? Mayflower, no ship better represents the best of the British and American idealism, courage and sense of adventure. Available soon, 40.5 x 66 cm (16″ x 26″), £1,500, a good investment, a classic therefore timeless oil painting by Gordon … Read more


A story for you, well two actually, with an awesome and familiar cover picture?

Audible Books
New from Audible Books, The Maintenance Race
Yes, it’s the famous “Roaring Forties” which I’m delighted to report is the cover for the new Audible Books publication “The Maintenance Race” !
During last summer I was among other things, quietly ‘exchanging signal’s’ with people at Audible Books, New York, a division of Amazon.
One of their distinguished authors, Stewart Brand, had specifically asked to use my iconic painting “Roaring Forties”.
This painting having been commissioned from me for and owned by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Audible Books and I eventually negotiated terms with included mentioning my name and painting whenever possible so I duly issued them a limited licence and copy of my “Roaring Forties” image.

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Racehorse, HM Sloop Racehorse come to my mind

as we pass the September equinox here, we have already had our first gale and another is imminent.

H M Sloop Racehorse (detail)

I’m reminded of the voyage of HMS Racehorse in particular the September and October storms she endured, eventually making he way to a safe port.

This painting is a detail from…/the…/hms-racehorse/ “Nelson & Racehorse“.

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The Mayflower

Mayflower off Rame Head, painting progress 08.09.21, painting nearing completion. I still have the crew and rigging to add, the sea to complete then ‘tidy up’ so quite a few more hours to invest here. “The Mayflower off Rame Head, 40 x 63 cm (25 3/4″ x 15 3/4”). Mayflower is painted here simply because … Read more

Mayflower Westward Bound

A new Mayflower painting even though it’s July . Mayflower unfinished, steady progress though. Now you can begin to see how I hope this new classic ‘Mayflower’ painting will work. 40.5 x 66 cm ( 16″ x 24″) this new Mayflower will be offered for sale, no reasonable offer refused ! Enjoy this Mayflower, especially … Read more

Plymouth Emigration Depot

Plymouth, emigration

‘Plymouth Emigration’, I thought I’d finished this mysterious moonlight painting. 

Plymouth, emigration
Emigration Plymouth, 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″), offers from £15000.

How many times have you watched a full moon rise, how many painters, photographers and film makers have attempted to capture those elusive moon beams and the so subtle colours of a night sky?

Moon light, zephorial light, attempted by many including some of the great masters, the great majority, unsuccessfully.

Recently, while painting moonrise over the ‘Haut Medoc and the Gironde Estuary’, ideas, inspiration began to form.

I found myself pondering a major repaint of my already applauded ‘Emigration, Plymouth’.

A question formed :

“is it possible to take ‘Plymouth Emigration’ to a new level or will I risk ruining ‘Plymouth Emigration’?”

My wish is that someone buys ‘Plymouth Emigration’, this historic painting for the people of Plymouth City.

Probably not, after all the city of Chester missed out with the magnificent ‘Port of Chester 1863’ which went elsewhere to a private buyer.

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B I’s Uganda

‘Uganda’ as painted here 5 was the British Hospital ship during the Falklands war.

Uganda at Falmouth
50 x 76 cm (20″ x 30″) and sold.
Further reading page updated :  You see her as I painted Uganda having seen her enter Falmouth to lay up.

Frickers paintings have been and are the choice of many distinguished people and renowned companies as indicated by his unusual resumée.

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Nelson’s Frigates

‘Nelson’s Frigates’, a voyage that illustrates very well why Nelson became such an effective leader, commander and much loved hero.

Nelson's Frigates
Unfinished Nelson’s Frigates 20.06.21
53 x 91.5 cm (21″ x 36″)  ‘Nelson’s Frigates‘, this is so called because rather oddly, briefly, Nelson commanded all four frigates, two French built, two Spanish and there hangs an intriguing story which I’ll gradually reveal as the painting is completed.

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