Mary where are you?

John Sheppard having seen my recent painting “Schooner Race“, wrote to me on the My Maritime Page asking : “Great stuff! Are there any drawings for the Mary?”
Schooners Off Falmouth, Cornwall
‘Schooner Race’, commissioned by a gentleman in Florida with a family connection.
There may be drawings of the ‘Mary of Truro‘. I had a dossier on her when I first painted this scene in 1989 … now wertizit… ?

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A diplomatic, request

South America/Pacific cruise ships and Lapérouse.
An unusual, diplomatic, request to use one of my paintings.
Lapérouse who was the French answer to the immortal Captain James Cook.
I researched and painted “Lapérouse and the First Fleet”. That was the first time anyone had rendered the ships correctly while many artists tried and failed.
Laperouse entering Botany Bay

The following is quoted with the author’s kind permission.

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‘Cutty Sark’ Happy Birthday !

This is Cutty Sark’s 150th birthday weekend.
You can visit Cutty Sark at Greenwich, London where she is open to the public.
I have been a fan and supporter from a very early age, of this great ship including taking my children to see her.
Here are a few of my paintings of Cutty Sark, leading off with the newest which is available.
This is one of several I’ve made of #CuttySark and more follow below.

This Morning

This little schooner had survived, only just, 2 heavy gales in the Bay of Biscay, the date was the fourth of November 1805.
She conveyed on board the most momentous news of that decade as she arrived at Falmouth, England.

Trafalgar Messenger

Her unlikely name now immortalised in history was HMS Pickle.This painting measures 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″), available, price upon application.

Trafalgar Messenger, detail

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Lord Nelson, Bristol

A poignant story … I remember her well, brain child of my friend Chris Rudd, I painted her from G A’s before she was built and again twice the day she was launched. I still have one of the paintings of her launching, made on location. If anyone wishes to buy this unique record of … Read more

Frozen Fury available

What goes around comes around?
“Frozen Fury” was commissioned by an eye witness, a survivor of PQ 13, Mr. H. Mills.

Convoy PQ19 attacked by JU 88’s

I’ve been asked by a descendant, to find a buyer for this very unique painting.
Contact me if interested in investing in this very special painting.

Russian version, front cover

Front cover of the Russian version of the book “Frozen Fury”, 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″). editor/ co author Igor Kozyr.

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