Hunt the Pickle

Should we have a > spot HMS Pickle < competition, she is there, ubiquitous as ever she was?
Under the radar ~ Mal Nicholson requested I show my “HMS Pickle’ paintings on his HMS Pickle Official site on Facebook; so here today are another two …
HMS Victory, Trafalgar
Trafalgar Dawn
I present “Trafalgar Dawn” : as seen and described by eye witnesses, from HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday, 21st October 1805.
The fine art print has in the margin a drawing of the scene and better still, every ship individually named.
The original is long since sold.
Trafalgar Dawn, French Perspective
To make a pair, I painted and have in print the opposite view as described from the French flag ship. That too included the elusive HMS Pickle France view so to speak.
Original available £18,000

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By a curios coincidence, I have a second enquiry re my beautiful and now historic painting of the ‘Blue Funnel Line’ Agapenor, I have hesitated to answer because by curious co-incidence and although I painted this astern in 1996, this painting  is under offer to a gentleman in Scotland. As I write the painting … Read more


A Day On Velsheda, a delightful message surprised me, a voice from an event now far astern.


I’ll share some of it here with you.

Gordon:  We met many years ago when you, Bruce Idiens and I were guests on Velsheda for the day.  We picker her up from her tender just off Southampton Water, perhaps on the edge of The Solent and sailed to just off Poole.
It was a sunny day with light breezes.  There was a large party on board and so she didn’t have big jibs up.  We all were offered a few minutes on the wheel.  I recall that it was a little bit like driving a bus with a loose link in the steering.
You rode a bosun’s ladder to the top of the main mask to take photos of the deck from that perspective and I took photos of you up the mast from the deck.  You sent me the photo below (4” x 6”) of your painting of Velsheda in exchange for my photo slides of you up the mast in the chair.  I still keep your photo of Velsheda in a clear plexiglass holder near my desk in my den.
Velsheda Vertigo

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BritishIndia Steam Navigation Company

I hear that this painting has come up for sale on E Bay. ‘Kampla at Bombay’ was a commission I painted about 20 years astern. It’s replacement value would be £2,000 Being E Bay it could go for a fiver, a great investment for someone ! Discover more on my web site page [ … Read more