Alarm ! Panic ?

To bring you a better experience, both my web sites are being refined.

To bring you easier navigation, clearer texts, simplified buying, my ‘marine art’ web site may briefly be off line at times over the next few months. is undergoing its first major upgrade since 2003.

Receiving similar attention, the newer site [mostly landscapes] will also go off line for brief periods.

This is to help you see the trees in the wood.

Our aim is nothing less than the most distinctive, informative, user friendly, marine and landscape art web sites on the Internet.

If the sites give you any problems keep calm, do have confidence in us.

Don’t hesitate to fire a gun, hoist a signal.

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Painting verses web sites…

Painting and a headache, this year I’m investing a lot (more) of my time on web site development and maintenance. I should paint almost every day, J M W Turner managed that,  easier said than done.

My current concern is to get my original site updated and have time to paint. here is the progress with my newest landscape painting. is gradually becoming a specialized marine art web site I’ve posted a longer article about this evolution and creation of the painting on my new (landscape painting) web site.

L'age d'or, layout changes
L’age d’or, layout changes

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“”The Grand Plan””

I’ve been busy with aspects of what Michael Baker named “”The Grand Plan””. I’ve been mostly busy with bits that relate to the web site.  “”Grand Plan””? Six years ago Michael Baker and I decided we needed a to plan a way forward for The Art of Gordon Frickers and his web site/s. We quickly realised the artwork strategy would be global (via the Internet) and the potential value of products we have to offer is in excess of 6 million pounds retail price.

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My efforts to use Twitter remain very amateur. I have not yet made the time to read up on how best to benefit from Twitter, soon though. A little ‘aside’ of interest. Since starting to post ‘wine village’ pictures on Twitter there has been a noticeable surge in followers world wide including professionals. It is very encouraging … Read more

A very rare event for

A simple mistake on Paypal.
A disappointed customer who wanted one of our few remaining copies of “Spirit of Mystery“…
When making payment the woman in question omitted to leave her postal address & phone number when she ordered on the 07.10.14.

"Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean" available as a signed print, original owned by Pete Goss MBE
“Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean” available as a signed print, original owned by Pete Goss MBE

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Twitter success !

A Twitter success today – I was very reluctant to launch onto Twitter. I must confess Twitter has proven much more interesting than expected, there are a lot of excellent people and organisations posting very worth while info; I mearly seek to be one of them. Today on Twitter – “Great job this week!”

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