Nelson’s Frigates

‘Nelson’s Frigates’, a voyage that illustrates very well why Nelson became such an effective leader, commander and much loved hero.

Nelson's Frigates
Unfinished Nelson’s Frigates 20.06.21
53 x 91.5 cm (21″ x 36″)  ‘Nelson’s Frigates‘, this is so called because rather oddly, briefly, Nelson commanded all four frigates, two French built, two Spanish and there hangs an intriguing story which I’ll gradually reveal as the painting is completed.

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If artists colour vision interests you take a look at this updated page
It’s about how and why people see, in particular artists.
Red Bales 2
What is there in common with Gordon Frickers colour experience and paintings by the grand masters know to have visual ‘defects’?
Men like Renoir and Cézanne, Albrecht Dürer, Titian and Rembrandt, Monet and Degas, what does this tell us about their sense of colour vision?

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Charlestown revisited

The White Ship

‘The White Ship’ in Charlestown, 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″)

Charlestown, her home port, a newly completed painting so now available for sale.
The White Ship
The White Ship, Charlestown
‘The White Ship’ in Charlestown, 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″)

I’m sometimes asked “how long did it take to paint?”

While I can a do make a painting at times in minutes The White Ship’ in Charlestown has been in production for 4 decades.

Good painting takes time, great painting takes longer.

If you want to commission one of my paintings, the sooner we start the sooner you will have a great painting.

Discover more by visiting my new page , profit, enjoy.

I had this canvas hanging around for decades, an unfinished canvas of Charlestown that quite unexpectedly asked me to complete it.
This painting shows the port not as now, as I remember it when it was still a working port. 

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Warning !

Warning to all mariners, those who live near the seas and politicians 🚩.

A-76 a huge iceberg, the world’s largest, has broken off from Antarctica.
The berg broke off the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf and is floating through the Weddell Sea.
The ‘berg is roughly the shape of Manhattan and more than 70 times bigger at approximately 170 kilometres (105 miles) long and 25 kilometres wide. This is an area of 4,320 square kilometres being slightly larger than the Spanish island of Majorca.

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Painting completed?

“The White Ship”, completed?

The White Ship
48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″), available £/€ 1150.00
John Constable said “every painting should be an experiment”, this one certainly is exactly that, experimental.
I’ve previously shown the progress with this painting here on the 27.02.2021 and again 02 March, review, enjoy.
The website page is for ‘The White Ship” is :

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Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour

Titanic, Plymouth

Titanic opportunity, in one very collectable painting, Titanic and Plymouth, two world famous names combine.

Titanic, Plymouth
Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour’

Here, I present completed, for the first time, for your pleasure Titanic’s “Plymouth Harbour”.

This definitive painting 🎨 is a full size 175 x 79.7 cm (60″ x 31 5/8″) and available, offers of or from £15,000.

The original painting was commissoned by White Star Line and lost with the Titanic, 14/15 April.

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Prince Philip saluted

Today Prince Philip, 🇬🇧, a great European, a great man, the Queen’s ‘strength and stay’, died age 99.

My sincere sympathy goes to the family and friends.

I have changed my title picture on my Facebook page (this splendid painting is for sale via my website) in honour of the passing of a great man.

Painted from direct observation on location, an event that happened, this painting shows (the figure in red at the helm) Britain’s Prince Philip winning a race at Cowes Week

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