"Last Departure", "Ferriera" ex "Cutty Sark",

“Ferriera” ex “Cutty Sark“, “Last Departure” – an order arrived today for a print one of ‘my’ favourite paintings:  Following an enquiry a week ago: “I live near St Anthony, and an ancestor of mine served on Cutty Sark, so I would be interested in obtaining a print of this picture”, I asked how come … Read more

Photo finish, Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean

“its just the painting I had hoped for” .   Regarding ‘Spirit of Mystery’ in  SoM_04.12.12_IMG_4940_wp.JPG what Hollywood calls an ‘ultimate storm’, there has been a flurry of e mails between Pete Goss and myself over the past couple of days so for those interested in the creative process here follows a summary of the completion, the lastv 2 % of effort for this large marine painting.

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Caring For a Watercolour Painting

Picture framing and print framing, an authorative article by Lisa Bonet has been included on our ‘framing’ page offering sound advice on Picture Framing, print framing and now thanks to Lisa, watercolour framing.

Relevant articles and adverts are welcome so with only minor editing here follows the Lisa Bonet draft

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Visualising History: for the Royal Geographic Society

The following appeared today on Geography Directions, the associated site for the Royal Geographic Society – IBG Journals and Geography Compass, Wiley-Blackwell’s review journal covering the entire discipline. The piece is about of the value of  well researched paintings, headed Visual History. Emigration__Plymouth_Cattewater_and_depot_IMG_0644_d.JPG

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Masada, fine art painting in the Judean desert

Masada in Israel is a World Heritage Site, Symbol of Freedom.
This fine painting hauntingly is symbolic and evocatively atmospheric as is Masada.

This and other paintings of  Israel, a series created some 23 years previously have been attracting considerable attention recently so here is some “further reading” for you.

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