Wine Musuem – 'inVINcible VIGNEron'

VVM_21.03.14_IMG_9906.JPG_d.JPGThe ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’, Broze near Gaillac, Tarn, and a new very special painting…

“Unique in France” said Bertrand de VIVIES, Conservateur du Partrimone, Mairie de Gaillac.
I’ve just returned from a meeting at the new museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’, opening 10 April, story, photos, diorama on my blog soon.

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France, new two-way speed cameras in unmarked cars

Two-way speed cameras go live in France in unmarked cars just in time fore the Toussaint holiday.This follows discussions proposing many speed limits are cut by 10 kph 

The new mobile speed cameras will be able to catch speeding vehicles in either directions – to pass at speed in either direction means you are ‘nicked’… 

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Foggin cold

My grandmother who did not speak excellent Engrise, one winter evening, trying to be chatty with my Father who had just returned from school said to him, “it’s foggncold outside“…

Unfortuneately I missed the vernissage of the new exhibition, “Images, Imprimees, Expo”,  by the artist Claire Soissons because it was foggncoldExpo_JourDeFete_A4_b.jpg

Fortunately the exhibition continues until the 3rd of February, details below.

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Girl in a barrel

Friends some times ask me why am I living so far from the sea when I am a marine art specialist and  a “man of the sea? The full answer is complex. Part of the reason is the light is excellent for marine paintings. Another part is it is fun here. I never know what … Read more

Ancient village rocked til the early hours!

The week end just passed is a big event in France, 90 % of shops shut. I was not allowed to buy one single drink…  CdM_sat_eve_IMG_5937_wp.jpg

You might think this an odd place 3 hours drive inland to find a marine artist, to create marine art?    CdM_sat_eve_IMG_5943_wp.jpg

Read of and have a taste of some reasons why

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