Lapérouse ships, their true appearance & Botany bay:

Of Lapérouse, his ships, their arrival at Botany Bay…  It is Trafalgar Day and I’m working on a French ship???Laperouse_entering_Botany_Bay_IMG_5687.JPG_c.JPG_d.JPG

I varnished an ‘old friend’ today in preperation for its storage… “Lapérouse Entering Botany Bay” is not yet on my web site.

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Gaillac Quay (quai)

Following a visit to the new wine museum at Broze near Gaillac (opening April 2014) I found myself at the top of the river Tarn.  Gaillac_Port_IMG_8883.JPG_wp.JPG

The port of Gaillac is the port at the head of the navigable Tarn, second fastest flowing river in Europe and as big as the Thames, the town consequently gives its name to this district of the Tarn and the local wines ‘Gaillac’.

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Dancing Vines

A a souvenir from summer posted here.

Sauveterre_IMG_8763.JPG_d.JPGwhen WordPress or is it the poor ADSL (French connection) desides to allow pictures on this post!

’Dancing Vines of Sauveterre’ was inspired by an wonderful total surprise, an

afternoon of music, dancing, good companions, a plentiful supply of food

anddrink  in Sauveterre and a theme to which I shall return soon.  Sauveterre__detail__IMG_8768.JPG_wp.JPG

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Misty mornings and models

A lovely misty morning today, Helene took some fine photos, I was unfortunately to tired for an early start having stopped work and gone to anchor at 02.00 this morning so in the best Blue Peter tradition, here’s one I made earlier…  from_CdM_IMG_3714_01.09.08.jpg_wp.jpg

Today I must complete a press release for new print of the Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean painting then work on the wine village series.

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Accurate Translations, Spirit of Mystery and wine

 Tonight I must write a letter to a gentleman in Monaco to be translated by Helene Ancelot. Undoubtedly the gentleman will speak good English, it seems to me though, more polite to approach him using French. MC_2010_IMG_8605.jpg_wp.jpg

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