A diplomatic, request

South America/Pacific cruise ships and Lapérouse.
An unusual, diplomatic, request to use one of my paintings.
Lapérouse who was the French answer to the immortal Captain James Cook.
I researched and painted “Lapérouse and the First Fleet”. That was the first time anyone had rendered the ships correctly while many artists tried and failed.
Laperouse entering Botany Bay

The following is quoted with the author’s kind permission.

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Nous vous invitons au vernissage

Mes amis, attention, share SVP, merci, Note d’intentione’ “Vin, au Château, Gaillac“. Nous vous invitons au vernissage le Vendredi 2 Décembre, à 18h au RSVP Ou? L’exposition sera ouverte du 2 au 30 Décembre 2016. Place d’Hautpoul�, 81600 Gaillac, Département Pôle “Culture & Attractivité”, Mairie de Gaillac,�80, Département du Tarn, Occitanie.� Tél.: 05 63 81 … Read more

Chateau de Lacroix 98%

98 % completed, “Chateau de Lacroix”, measuring 81 x 5 cms (32” x 23″), oils, available.

Chateau De Lacroix, near completed, 09.10.16
Chateau De Lacroix, near completed, 09.10.16

For the Gaillac exhibition, with www.ville-gaillac.fr/culture/saison-culturelle
Service Culture de la ville de Gaillac. 80 place d’Hautpoul. 05 63 81 20 19 • culture Gaillac
1 st to 30 December.
Discover more on http://artfrickers.com/gaillac/chateau-de-lacroix/ 

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Spot the Difference?

Spot any difference, 09.09.16 to today 03.10.16? Chateau de Lacoix, one of the Gailac series, see and enjoy http://artfrickers.com/gaillac/ It has been decided to name the Exhibition “Vin au chateau, Gaillac“. Consider yourself invited. At the invitation of the Cultural department of Gaillac the show will open be open, 1 st to 20 th December. … Read more

Beach Bum, Ocean Therapy

Not much about painting in this post except a valuable source of inspiration, by the time you finish reading this you may well “Wish you were here…”.


Last Saturday I had the great good fortune to accompany my friend Valérie Lambert​ , one of her sons and his mate to Capbreton and Hossegor, the surfing capital of France.

Raphel, Etienne, Valerie, my friends
Raphel, Etienne, Valerie, my friends

Ocean Therapy.

Captain J L Seagull on tour
Captain J L Seagull on tour

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How soon can you put on an exhibition?

The subject of winning. The subject was « Le jardin de tous les plaisirs », organised by the Médiation projets et publics Service Culture – Ville de Gaillac. There was some social excitement here yesterday, in Gaillac to be more precise. The prize giving for the photographic competition Concours Photos 2015.

I've been framed!
I’ve been framed!

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