At Toulouse

Toulouse, lunch with Lily. I’ve written a bit more on my other blog and with other photos and on one of my two Facebook pages : I have to collect a major painting, on loan to Chateau de Saurs and have a variety of other ‘business’ and good friends to visit,  in this region where … Read more

Bells, 6 June

Bells will be rung at 18:44 (6.44 pm) on June 6, the Clochers de la Liberté (freedom bells) commemoration in many countries.
This to mark the 76th anniversary of D-Day in an initiative started by history enthusiasts from France.
Captain Alan Frickers
This is to ensure that the anniversary is marked, despite the fact that there are no official events in Normandy this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Thank YOU

Thank you for being my friends, wish you were here…
I consider myself very fortunate and made sure a glass was raised to all my absent friends in particular those of you who phoned or sent best wishes via the internet.
You are all much appreciated, I think I’m lucky to be in contact with so many remarkable people. Knowing, communicating with, you folk helps get me through my sometimes difficult days.
Wish you were here… I learned more about organising a party when living alone, mostly via my mistakes.
Everyone of my guests contributed to the eventual success of the evening, we ate well, drank well and all agreed this won’t be the last time.

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La Fete

As we emerge from lock down here in Théhillac, France, we had our first ‘social distance’ fete. I discovered the famous ‘#bisous‘ French kiss has been replace by touching elbows ! My neighbour Danielle kindly invited me and our other neighbours for lunch. Such a pleasure to see a beautifully thoughtfully prepared table. Our little … Read more

A Good Read

Locked down, looking for something to read that is different, unconventional ??? My résumée fits that brief, I’ve just updated the page.…/home…/gordon-frickers-cvresume/ Plus my web site particularly via the ‘Further Reading’ links on most of the painting pages have stories with much exclusive information unavailable elsewhere; read on, enjoy, and I wish the best … Read more

Reality of Corvid-19

Corvid-19, the facts, sub titles in ENGLISH and FRENCH. I strongly recommend that if you have not already done so take a few minutes to follow this video.   Social distancing and masks are not a joke. An excellent very informative video with very good questions answered well by a leading and sincere expert. … Read more