Alternative marketing for artists?

While “known” for marine art, my interests as you dear blogreader will be aware are wider, much wider.

I invested quite a lot of time while in Plymouth exploring this topic with some distinguished professional artists including Tim Thompson, Adrian Phippen, David Folley, also several of the more promising young bloods including Rob Cordingley.

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A greatful gift

Plymouth Naval History Library staff have been hugely helpful  with my research over many years.

Masterpiece … … Renowned Marine artist has presented a stunning framed print to Plymouth Central Library” recorded The Herald and The Extra, while less helpfully leaving out my web site or contact details.   Herald_13.11.09_d.JPG

I felt is was about time I did some thing more tangible to show my appreciation to the staff at Plymouth Central Library , something they would like.

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Monaco Yacht Show, day 3

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2009, Port Hercule, Monte Carlo, this was to be my first full working day in the world of superyachts, , meeting super yacht people, excluding the 4 commissions last year.

These remarkable people rapidly changed my perspective of the super yacht world.pass_1_wp.JPG

For a start, The Monaco Yacht Show perhaps surprisingly has a carbon neutral certificate and advertises this fact with enthusiasm and when one learns more of he Monaco Yacht Show organisers achievements, with justifiable pride.

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The Monaco Yacht Show 2009


The venue for this super yacht event is the legendary city of Monte Carlo, Port Hercule. This, the 19th Monaco Yacht Show 2009 is said to be THE superyacht venue of the year.   Monaco_Yacht_Show_09_IMG_6060_wp.jpg

The weather was stunning, 28 C and not humid but my first sight of the exhibition had to wait.

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A Cheshire cat, a quay, an emmigrant and Chester port mid 1600's

Katy requested a Remarque on her print so with her story in mind I showed The New Crane wharf with a unique scene in drawn pencil.

I always draw the remarques and sign in pencil, inks fade, graphite does not.

My sketch  may give Katy an idea for how the cat got onboard the ship in her story.

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Nautor Swan Yachts racing


A collection as in fleet of Swans, slightly used Nautor Swan Yachts! Swans_off_St_Katherine__s_Point_IMG_5138_d.jpg

What is the collective name for a group of Swans ???

Gordon Frickers has a long association with these fine Swan yachts, considered by many to be Theworld’s premier yacht, Gordon being the only artist to have 4 times been chosen the Yachting World  Nautor Rolex Swan European Regatta prize artist, wow, what a terrible mouthfull!

What does that mean?

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"Formidable", a new print!

HMS Formidable, 1942 – Seafires returning A signed numbered limited edition, hot off the press!  Detail: –  The recipient of the first 2 copies, Euro MP Brian Simpson kindly wrote “The prints arrived safely and I am very pleased with them“. Incidentally congratulations to Brian, deservedly newly re elected despite the embarressment of antics in the … Read more

Forgotten painting rediscovered – Ben Aynslie at the Sydney Olympic Games 2000;

Revitalised over the past few months: an Olympic marine painting, rarer, a marine portrait.
Ironically, this old and forgotten painting  will probably become  my most important painting this year?

So sorry I can’t show you the entire of this dynamic picture – yet.
This marine painting, a portrait, has just had a major upgrade to my latest standard.   B_Ayns_detail_painting_04.09_006_wp.jpg
My question is how to use this completely unique marine portrait to do the BOA, RYA and me the most good?

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