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From a picture researcher, an unusual and most courteously written request; “I am working for a publisher company in Paris : Foucher”.
They are preparing to issue a Geography and History schoolbook : Histoire-géographie EMC 2de bac pro 15362
which is designed for 14-16 year-old pupils.

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GGR Penultimate Day

GoGoR 2018, ~ a few of my photos from around The GGR2018 people.

The pre start was fun, good to see old friends, make new ones and have some time with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who was THE star of the event. 

Gordon Frickers & Robin Knox-Johnston  

Press for RK-J

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London, 28 th October 2016?

28 th October 2016, London? Excuse me, meaning? 28 Octobre 2016, Londres?

In part in preparation for a significant exhibition the page for the painting “First Shots” has had a major upgrade.

La Collection Trafalgar par Gordon Frickers, si vous êtes dans ou près de Londres et le sujet est d’intérêt, ne manquez pas cette événement ponctuel.

Why? “The Trafalgar Collection” by Gordon Frickers, if you are in or near London and the subject is of interest, don’t miss this one off event. It will be by invitation only so ask for details.

HMS Victory, Trafalgar, ranging shots begin to reach her
HMS Victory, Trafalgar, ranging shots begin to reach her.

Il sera sur invitation seulement pour demander des détails.

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You are cordially invited to the OFFICIAL OPENING on 6-8pm Wednesday 18th September, 2013.

Samuel Plimsoll (1824-1898), the “Sailor’s Friend” gave his name to the load line on the side of merchant ships.

Emigration__Plymouth_Cattewater_and_depot_IMG_0644_wp.JPG The Aberdeen clipper shown in the painting here loading at Plymouth for Australia was launched by and named in honour of “Samuel Plimsoll”.

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A good friend who lives in Paris sent me via Facebook a series of amusing artists illusions. You can see them on my Facebook page, become a friend, follow, share, enjoy. In turn that prompted me to show here, this painting, “Nelson’s Column“.  

"Nelson's Column", 11.00, Monday, 21 st October 1805
“Nelson’s Column”, 11.00, Monday, 21 st October 1805

Exhibitions, another ‘illusion’; it’s a pity I am offered so few worth while exhibitions, “Nelson’s Column”  is based upon unrepeatable studious research.

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Visualising History: for the Royal Geographic Society

The following appeared today on Geography Directions, the associated site for the Royal Geographic Society – IBG Journals and Geography Compass, Wiley-Blackwell’s review journal covering the entire discipline. The piece is about of the value of  well researched paintings, headed Visual History. Emigration__Plymouth_Cattewater_and_depot_IMG_0644_d.JPG

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