Merchant Sail

Does Merchant sail interest you?
There are many fascinating paintings and rare yarns on the page ‘Merchant Sail‘, updated today as part of my web site rebirth and rewriting of texts in preparation for the book on my works and life.
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The painting shown here is “New and Old“, yours for £1250, see page…/shipping-for-the-…/new-and-old/

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Titanic’s progress

“Plymouth Harbour” was displayed in Titanic’s main salon, the “First Class Smoking Room”.
My replica is nearing completion.
This new painting will become part of the short life and long history of the ‘Titanic’.
My Titanic ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ is as accurate a representation as the newest research can make it, of what was the largest and most prominent master piece on board ‘Titanic’.

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Disaster !

“The sea is all wrong, it should be flat calm” said Peter Goodwin to me by phone having just returned from the Arctic circle.
Actually, the painting, is absolutely ‘spot on’.
H M Sloop Racehorse, Friday 17 September, 1773
The moment portrayed : “HM Sloop Racehorse, North Sea storm, Arctic expedition 1773″.
Subtitle “Put Preventer Gammoning upon the Bowsprit’, Friday 17 September“.
Taken from the ship’s log book and journals and guided by the very authoritative Mr. Goodwin, this painting is accurate down to the tiller ropes on the poop deck and the fish davit blocks. The latter is a detail often missed by artists and model makers.

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The Mayflower Blank

Plymouth and government bureaucracy got involved and killed our project.
A few years astern some far sighted Plymouthians approached me with a far sighted proposal.
The Mayflower & Plymouth bureaucracy, a blank canvas
This in part because I’ve lived in Plymouth for over 25 years, they know my work and reputation,
A series of large paintings to be VIP gifts during Mayflower 400 in 2020.
I produced a series of concept sketches.
See ‘The Mayflower‘ page
Any one or all of the concept sketches shown there, could be developed into an impressive painting.

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A Bit Sticky

An early start.
Before …
The first varnish I’ve made since 2011… and yuk, at 08.00 …
Wayfarer, varnishing
A ‘stern’ challenge …
To think, in my Mr. South East Boat Builders Ltd days, this was a routine occurrence as many of my ship mates, Chris Fagg, Richard Burstow and others can vouch.
I don’t do mornings very well except for sailing or painting a dawn or long drives.

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Reverting to Nature

I’ve decided to sell this remarkable painting and offer some similar. It’s that sort of time in my now quite long career.

Hooe Lake.
Reverting [gently] to nature at Hooe Lake.
Following a fair offer from a gentleman in Florida. It won 1st prize (oils) 1995 Cornish Society of Artists.

I’ve kept it a a fine exhibition piece including showing it by invitation among the 35 at my European Parliament Expo.

The present heat wave is the opposite of the conditions when I painted “Plymouth Trawlers”, a chilly grey February in 1992.

The day I worked on what we sometimes  call “Plymouth Trawlers” was grey, near freezing, typical for February at Plymouth.

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HMS Somerset on anti piracy duty
Dawn Patrol

A type 23, similar to HMS Montrose currently deployed in the Persian Gulf region.

This water colour of “HMS Somerset, anti piracy patrol dawn on the Red Sea” measuring 35 x 18 cm (14” x 7”) was commissioned by her officers as a parting gift for her commander.
HMS Somerset presentation
Somerset presentation
Tanker crisis :

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