A Good Read

Locked down, looking for something to read that is different, unconventional ??? My résumée fits that brief, I’ve just updated the page. https://www.frickers.co.uk/…/home…/gordon-frickers-cvresume/ Plus my web site particularly via the ‘Further Reading’ links on most of the painting pages have stories with much exclusive information unavailable elsewhere; read on, enjoy, and I wish the best … Read more

Reality of Corvid-19

Corvid-19, the facts, sub titles in ENGLISH and FRENCH. I strongly recommend that if you have not already done so take a few minutes to follow this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAk7aX5hksU&feature=youtu.be   Social distancing and masks are not a joke. An excellent very informative video with very good questions answered well by a leading and sincere expert. … Read more

Hautement recommandé

S Soirees très surprenant a l’assosiation Bernez, le Pisse Meme a la petite citie de character #RocheBernard, Highly recommended if you visit here . See more on my Facebook page, fies to large for WordPress,  https://www.facebook.com/gordon.frickers Here is a taster although not from this evening. This evening we were entertained by M. Delannoy, a first … Read more

Antarctic heat wave

20 % off in nine days ?
A ‘discovery’ class #superyacht
This painting revealed for the first time is not yet on my web site.
A painting of this size and quality can be yours for as little as 30 x 45 [12″ x 18″] £850.00
Our weather systems as any sailor can tell you, have an untidy habit of not following the neat smooth curves of prediction beloved of economists and scientist.
A habit of townies and city folk who don’t understand that terms like ‘#floodplain‘ are a warning not a cute pastoral anachronism .

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Grave at Hoo

Rhoda Mary, a Falmouth, Cornwall built schooner  was one of the most renowned, most beautiful of the 3,00 or so British working schooners. I’ve twice been commissioned to paint her. One of those painting is available from my Marine Prints Page as a beautiful vivant picture, signed, numbered edition from £157 inc P&P. Over last … Read more

1788 and a mystery

The French ‘Lapérouse Expedition’ vanished mysteriously in Oceania in 1788.

Their last European contact was with the British ‘First Fleet’ at Botany Bay, #Australia.

Laperouse entering Botany Bay

Added to this web site, a splendid 2000 ish word read about “#Lapérouse The Count and the First Fleet” at Botany Bay a marine painting by Gordon Frickers measures 61 x 91 cm., 7.000, €, £ 6,200.

The first clues of the expeditions fate emerged 60 years later.

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On this day

14 February 1998< a blast from the past>, a newspaper clipping, an amusement to share with you. The first truly International publicity my #art #painting received was on the >14 February 1998< via the prestigious shipping journal ⚓️ #Lloyds List International⚓️. The article prominently featured my now famous “Roaring Forties” [available as an awesome signed print from my web site] … Read more