To Gaillac

Tarn Friends said “you now are Gaillacois, Tarn, don’t leave”. I’m planning to return later this month. Partly because of an invitation from the Gaillac Ville to attend a meeting about the next Franco-Chinese Festival of Lanterns which starts 4 th December. The previous festival lasted a month and attracted 350,000 visitors. You can discover more about … Read more

A Confession

A dark secret …
I was today ‘confessing’;  you won’t like me 😢 … on my first French tax return.
While I am baring my soul and as my tax returns are invariable about rising expenses and loss so not very interesting, here is an much darker confession.
For making tea I mostly use a large white ‘Fred’s Cafe’ tea pot [I hope that is not advertising?]
Fred’s tea pot

This yarn gets worse, much darker…

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Pickle Night?

Tonight, ‘Pickle Night’ theme party at the Crown Plaza, Plymouth.
There was a copyright issue with this poster, now resolved in my favour.
Had it been resolved sooner I’d have allowed the sale on the night of my renowned “I Have Urgent Dispatches” prints [from page Marine Art Prints £167 inc P&P] and given half my profit to the charity.
Crown Plaza, Plymouth
This beautiful, impressive print is available from my web site page

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Lord Nelson, Bristol

A poignant story … I remember her well, brain child of my friend Chris Rudd, I painted her from G A’s before she was built and again twice the day she was launched. I still have one of the paintings of her launching, made on location. If anyone wishes to buy this unique record of … Read more

Frozen Fury available

What goes around comes around?
“Frozen Fury” was commissioned by an eye witness, a survivor of PQ 13, Mr. H. Mills.

Convoy PQ19 attacked by JU 88’s

I’ve been asked by a descendant, to find a buyer for this very unique painting.
Contact me if interested in investing in this very special painting.

Russian version, front cover

Front cover of the Russian version of the book “Frozen Fury”, 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″). editor/ co author Igor Kozyr.

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