Prince Philip saluted

Today Prince Philip, 🇬🇧, a great European, a great man, the Queen’s ‘strength and stay’, died age 99.

My sincere sympathy goes to the family and friends.

I have changed my title picture on my Facebook page (this splendid painting is for sale via my website) in honour of the passing of a great man.

Painted from direct observation on location, an event that happened, this painting shows (the figure in red at the helm) Britain’s Prince Philip winning a race at Cowes Week

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Moon & Oaks

New painting of a full moon as seen, a painting beginning, 39 x 47.5 (15 3/8″ x 19″) I’ll also show this painting on my Facebook page to see if there is public reaction. A painting inspired by “a Full Moon  Rising Seen Through Breton oaks”. Should I, do I need to do more here … Read more

Mauretania updated

I thought it would be nice to share this with you, I hope you agree.
While preparing some significant publicity to promote the sales of for my new Titanic painting “Plymouth Harbour” I found myself updating a page on my website any ship enthusiast will enjoy visiting 🙂.
Mauretania, Maiden Departure .

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Théhillac Life …

Life in Théhillac, a sample : cisterns within systems, this afternoon Matt arrived, perfect timing, just as I was sitting down for a late lunch (that rates a minor ‘drat’)… While he ‘parked’ his branch masher thingie machine in my garage (needed soon), my neighbour Patricia arrived unexpectedly, enviable timing, with a toilet cistern (as … Read more


Orange, I’m seeing red !
Following a long conversation with the unhelpful help line I’m advised I need a new phone even though the present phone was bought from Orange, March 2018.
Special NOTICE : 23.02.2021 : To contact me email is best at present, I’ve problems receiving and sending via my mobile phone.
🏴‍☠️My mobile is refusing to update & has lost Whatsapp. 🏴

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Café anyone? First day of spring here today or so I’m told. A painting, the design being based upon a scene I sketched outside the Cafe des Sports, Gaillac. Clouds or no clouds, it’s good light for designing a painting, one of my ‘Café Culture’ series. Like to take a break? Thinking vacation? ‘Executive Displacement … Read more



To my surprise, drawn to my attention again, my British India Collection of classic ship paintings. Consequently I have just updated this interesting page featuring ships from what was the world’s largest, most successful and much loved merchant ship fleet. In particular one of my earlier paintings, still available from my ‘Prints’ page, as a … Read more