If artists colour vision interests you take a look at this updated page
It’s about how and why people see, in particular artists.
Red Bales 2
What is there in common with Gordon Frickers colour experience and paintings by the grand masters know to have visual ‘defects’?
Men like Renoir and Cézanne, Albrecht Dürer, Titian and Rembrandt, Monet and Degas, what does this tell us about their sense of colour vision?

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A classic radio Interview on BBC SW Radio Devon

BBC SW Radio Devon morning chat show hoste Gordon ‘Sparkie‘ Sparks usually interviews Gordon Frickers when the latter is in Plymouth. Here  sparks fly, Gordon Frickers is interviewed by Gordon Sparkie Sparks, both men sparkle. Now at last we can share this classic interview via this WordPress blog with special thanks to Stuart Geddes for … Read more

Live on board?

“Have you ever lived on one (a boat or square rig ship) for a long period of time?” I was asked today by film maker Frank Muller.
Thought it might be fun to share my answer with you which reminds me to restart writing the requested book about my life and work.
Charlestown, the port, ‘October Evening’, Cornwall available as a fine art print.
I’ve owned boats most of my life, built quite a few, repaired many more too.
I’ve not lived onboard for long periods.
I don’t really fancy that unless there is a good reason.
Maria Asumpta, a real square rigger,  entering Plymouth


It’s a bit cramped, fun for a while.

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Painting School

The famous Painting School of Montmiral. It has been my good fortune to visit twice and enjoy a lunch and long conversations with the ever stimulating professor Francis Pratt. Aside from painting we were as you do, putting the world right we enjoyed a long discourse about a subject upon which he is probably the … Read more

Guest Speaker

Did you hear this?

Page and activity I’ve neglected for a while, re written at the request of a new friend , marketing guru.

Guest Speaker


Gordon Frickers, best known as a Marine Artist, noted too for poetic landscapes, has proven a popular, entertaining guest speaker.

Gordon Frickers, portrait
Gordon Frickers, photo courtesy of Anthony Osmand Jones.

Gordon Frickers has an engagingly interactive, amusing, immensely knowledgeable and often surprising style as a speaker and lecturer.

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