Pickle Night?

Tonight, ‘Pickle Night’ theme party at the Crown Plaza, Plymouth.
There was a copyright issue with this poster, now resolved in my favour.
Had it been resolved sooner I’d have allowed the sale on the night of my renowned “I Have Urgent Dispatches” prints [from page Marine Art Prints £167 inc P&P] and given half my profit to the charity.
Crown Plaza, Plymouth
This beautiful, impressive print is available from my web site page https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-print-gallery/

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Bright Yellow?

What was / is Bright yellow on warships and why important to my ‘Trafalgar Collection?

A Detail from ‘First Shots’

More than one ship today sports a curious choice of yellow line on her hull.
Quite different from ‘Nelson’s Bright Yellow’.

‘First shots’, HMS Victory at Trafalgar …

At that time [1995] Victory was painted Chrome Yellow.
As a marine artist I knew Chrome yellow was very expensive before 1820.
I suggested it was an error to use it for 1805.
Consternation !
Victory is the Royal Navy’s most famous icon !

Nelson’s Bright Yellow

I researched the colours, external and internal, at Portsmouth and elsewhere, together with Mr. Peter Goodwin when he was ‘Keeper and Curator of HMS Victory.

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Disaster !

“The sea is all wrong, it should be flat calm” said Peter Goodwin to me by phone having just returned from the Arctic circle.
Actually, the painting, is absolutely ‘spot on’.
H M Sloop Racehorse, Friday 17 September, 1773
The moment portrayed : “HM Sloop Racehorse, North Sea storm, Arctic expedition 1773″.
Subtitle “Put Preventer Gammoning upon the Bowsprit’, Friday 17 September“.
Taken from the ship’s log book and journals and guided by the very authoritative Mr. Goodwin, this painting is accurate down to the tiller ropes on the poop deck and the fish davit blocks. The latter is a detail often missed by artists and model makers.

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The Mayflower Blank

Plymouth and government bureaucracy got involved and killed our project.
A few years astern some far sighted Plymouthians approached me with a far sighted proposal.
The Mayflower & Plymouth bureaucracy, a blank canvas
This in part because I’ve lived in Plymouth for over 25 years, they know my work and reputation,
A series of large paintings to be VIP gifts during Mayflower 400 in 2020.
I produced a series of concept sketches.
See ‘The Mayflower‘ page
Any one or all of the concept sketches shown there, could be developed into an impressive painting.

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Nelson’s Arctic Voyage

Three years in the making,  now fully available, in Great Britain from Waterstones and world wide via Amazon.
Nelson’s Arctic Voyage by my ‘good-win’ friend Peter Goodwin,
ISBN 978-1-4729-5417-6, published by Alard Coles.
Horatio Nelson, life of
Nelson’s Arctic Voyage, book cover.

Mr. Goodwin has developed his own way of conveying the very human side of the story.

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Alarm ! Panic ?

To bring you a better experience, both my web sites are being refined.

To bring you easier navigation, clearer texts, simplified buying, my ‘marine art’ web site www.frickers.co.uk/art may briefly be off line at times over the next few months.

www.frickers.co.uk/art is undergoing its first major upgrade since 2003.

Receiving similar attention, the newer site www.artfrickers.com [mostly landscapes] will also go off line for brief periods.

This is to help you see the trees in the wood.

Our aim is nothing less than the most distinctive, informative, user friendly, marine and landscape art web sites on the Internet.

If the sites give you any problems keep calm, do have confidence in us.

Don’t hesitate to fire a gun, hoist a signal.

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Climate Change?

Climate change real or a hoax?

Our climate is of course constantly changing.

It always does.

Some of us refer to this phenomena as ‘weather’.

Climate Change : a response to the ‘deniers’ narrative.

The three fold questions behind the pc phrase ‘climate change’ are; is the present rate of change abnormal and if so in what ways and finally of this threesome, is there a change occurring that is a threat to our individual and collective lives?

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Back Shortly

This some what sums up how I’m feeling right now … as does
“Par Beach, Morning Fog”.
Par Beach, Cornwall, morning fog
This beautiful, subtle study measures 230 x 300 mm (9″ x 12″), is NOT sold despite what it says on my web site. No reasonable offer refused.
Both my web sites are undergoing long overdue major upgrades and re structuring.

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