Glamour !

What a glamorous life I lead? My top quality respect goes to the cleaners I’ve met. How do they do that so well and so quickly? Glamour? Hedges all trimmed, shutters painted, and now today a very clean salon floor. I have this odd feeling that really, I should be working with paintings. Tant piss, … Read more


Autumn”A man shall have his seasons as a leaf upon a tree” : should be a painting ! from a traditional English folk song often played in East Sussex when I lived there building boats. I don’t recall the title of the song. I made this photograph a few years astern while living in the … Read more

Out of touch?

Please accept my apology if you have written to me or tried to phone in the past few days and I’ve not replied..
Heavy weather and problems … not unlike this painting which shows HM Sloop Racehorse returning from a voyage of discovery, out of contact and in difficulties.
“put preventer gammoning on bowsprit” her log book larconicly tells us.

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Frickers, Gordon, who was, is, will be ?

Frickers résumée / C. V. page with a summary of the man, the artist, has just had a major editing and update.
The Mayflower and Frickers
The page needs further refining, you may like to make suggestions, however, if of interest you can now better enjoy this unusual, improved and informative page…/gordon-frickers-cvresume/

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Chinese Nosh

My Dad would have called this ‘Chinese Nosh’ so maybe it’s Chinese with Jewish undertones?

Chinese nosh
My ‘artist’s impression’ of Chinese nosh, a Chinese dinner.
Seemed to me like a good idea for a relatively chilly evening outside.
Not brill, not bad, quite quick to make (40 minutes?) edible if washed down well.
Shutters closed, house snugged down, I chose a favourite of mine, a wine that is cool, pale amber, a luminous white with a delicate scent.
This is a wine with aromas of citrus and white flowers.
Subtle and delicious in the mouth, Chevalier de Fauvert, Comté Tolosan.
A good companion for my attempt at Chinese nosh.

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La Roche-Bernard

France is easing out of lockdown. Roche-Bernard, here is a glimpse to share with you of Saturday evening out with my neighbour lovely Patricia, a retired seamstress. We were visiting La Roche-Bernard in Brittany near where I live. A stroll, coffee, cakes and later a beer with the cafés at Roche-Bernard, enjoy.