A Confession

A dark secret …
I was today ‘confessing’;  you won’t like me 😢 … on my first French tax return.
While I am baring my soul and as my tax returns are invariable about rising expenses and loss so not very interesting, here is an much darker confession.
For making tea I mostly use a large white ‘Fred’s Cafe’ tea pot [I hope that is not advertising?]
Fred’s tea pot

This yarn gets worse, much darker…

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This Morning

This little schooner had survived, only just, 2 heavy gales in the Bay of Biscay, the date was the fourth of November 1805.
She conveyed on board the most momentous news of that decade as she arrived at Falmouth, England.

Trafalgar Messenger

Her unlikely name now immortalised in history was HMS Pickle.This painting measures 48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″), available, price upon application.

Trafalgar Messenger, detail

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Cock of the Seas

“Cutty Sark” and “Thermopylae”, the most famous of the famous tea clippers. 76 x 101 cm (30″ x 40″), price £8,000.00. Painting renamed, now elegantly framed, website page revised. “Like Father’s like son”, I too visited Cutty Sark when of a tender age. In those days she still had a scent of tea ! Discover, … Read more


St Mary's (1)
St Mary’s (1) , Scilly Isles ~ sold
I can understand well why a friend of mine, my X 1, is so fond of the Scilly Isles having just holidayed there again.
She kindly sent me a charming post card, it’s nice to have some ‘snail mail’ like that.
I’ve only been to the Scilly Isles once, way astern in 1988.
A friend at Radio Cornwall, Tamsin Mitchell, [where is Tamsin now?]
asked me to be there to cover the arrival of Richard Branson with his Virgin Atlantic Challenger II.
Location sketch 30 x 40 cm (12″ x 16″), signed on the back by the crew, available, £500. 
Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, unrepeatable Location sketch signed on the back by the crew, available.

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Better than Champagne?

As Lily who has now returned to Toulouse, was preparing and exceptional dinner,  sit back and imagine … ,  I decided this should be accompanied by a wine I’d been reserving since my last visit to Gaillac.


Château de Lacroux
Methode Ancestrale, demi sec.
A fine sparkling wine produced at the Château illustarted in my painting shown here [available, £4,000 see page https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/gaillac/chateau-de-lacroix/]
To our surprise and delight this has to be one of the best wines I’ve tried, surpassing any Champagne in my experience.

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Art Fraud

Art fraud : there is a lot of it about.

I was in a High Court in Central London last week.

I’d prepared carefully including, very rare for me, donning a suit and tie.

Artist in a suit
Gordon Frickers?

It is certainly true that fine paintings as opposed to ordinary paintings, are among the most reliable at all levels, of medium to long term investments.

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25 of May

The 25 th of May birthday 🎂 went so well 🍷🎈📌, a memorable occasion for all the best reasons, hence the photos below some of you kindly requested.

The 25 th of May birthday

I’m only just recovering from the party ! 
Cake candles were duly blown out, champagne and balloons pop’d. 
We certainly did raise a glass to ‘Absent Friends’.

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This got my attention, “Do you have any more prints of the painting: “Rhoda Mary” and “Katie Cluett” A Dispute Settled?

Ans : yes. By the way, the Rhoda Mary of Falmouth won, narrowly beating the Katie Cluett of nearby Fowey.

This gentleman, Eric Evans,  wrote a classic comment, “I am familiar to buying art over the internet and find that I am always impressed with finally seeing it in person. I’m already blown away the your art just seeing it on my monitor. Your use of light and water is stunning“.

This from a man who is very smart with computers including for the U S government. 

He added, “I have been collecting Florida nature paintings by the Highwaymen (and similar style) and I believe your painting would be a beautiful addition to our home“.

For a new painting, I probably still have my original notes made with Frank TRebilcock for the painting so that would save us some research costs.

My prices are shown on my web site. 

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