Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour

Titanic, Plymouth

Titanic opportunity, in one very collectable painting, Titanic and Plymouth, two world famous names combine.

Titanic, Plymouth
Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour’

Here, I present completed, for the first time, for your pleasure Titanic’s “Plymouth Harbour”.

This definitive painting 🎨 is a full size 175 x 79.7 cm (60″ x 31 5/8″) and available, offers of or from £15,000.

The original painting was commissoned by White Star Line and lost with the Titanic, 14/15 April.

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Moon & Oaks

New painting of a full moon as seen, a painting beginning, 39 x 47.5 (15 3/8″ x 19″) I’ll also show this painting on my Facebook page to see if there is public reaction. A painting inspired by “a Full Moon  Rising Seen Through Breton oaks”. Should I, do I need to do more here … Read more

Mauretania updated

I thought it would be nice to share this with you, I hope you agree.
While preparing some significant publicity to promote the sales of for my new Titanic painting “Plymouth Harbour” I found myself updating a page on my website any ship enthusiast will enjoy visiting 🙂.
Mauretania, Maiden Departurehttps://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/shipping-for-the-professionals/the-mauretania-cunard-express-liner/ .

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Orange, I’m seeing red !
Following a long conversation with the unhelpful Orange.fr help line I’m advised I need a new phone even though the present phone was bought from Orange, March 2018.
Special NOTICE : 23.02.2021 : To contact me email is best at present, I’ve problems receiving and sending via my mobile phone.
🏴‍☠️My mobile is refusing to update & has lost Whatsapp. 🏴

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In response to ‘”Rainbow Lightning Elk

Definitely a Playboy!” on Facebook 17.03.2021,

Gordon Frickers, artist, sailor,

Rainbow Lightning Elk hey that’s a good one, wot ? a playboy? Me? 🥴

I’ve never had a fraction of the money needed to be a “playboy”.

My spirit might be willing, 😶 my bank balance not so 😄 !

⚓️Besides which, there are better ways of discovering, experiencing, enjoying, for filling one’s life than being a mere ‘Playboy’ or ‘Good Time Girl’.

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“Good drawing is the basis of all good painting” : Francis Pratt, professor, Painting school of Montmiral.
These pictures are not good drawing, yet.
a glimpse of a new painting now in progress.🙂
The drawing does though give you and secretive insight into the transformation from idea to concept sketches.
Given the interest in the progress of my post below about the new painting ‘Charlestown Morning’, I though some of you might like to also see and follow this emerging story
This new painting as yet un-named is not even mentioned on my web site, it measures 53 x 91 cm (21″ x 36″).

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