France, new two-way speed cameras in unmarked cars

Two-way speed cameras go live in France in unmarked cars just in time fore the Toussaint holiday.This follows discussions proposing many speed limits are cut by 10 kph 

The new mobile speed cameras will be able to catch speeding vehicles in either directions – to pass at speed in either direction means you are ‘nicked’… 

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Wishing a Merry Christmas

This is to wish you a sincere Merry Christmas and to copy my latest newsletter for those unable to receive the News Letter from me, Itzac_eglise_IMG_6583_wp.jpg

Some of you will not have received my email Christmas card and new Christmas News letter, copy below.

Reasons for this include bounced and blocked emails (more on that below).

The Internet can be bizarre, I’d had a reply from Robin Knox-Johnston, star of my “Roaring Forties” painting, then got an, INVALID RECIPIENT message re the address!

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Chris Fagg wrote

Sharing replies: Of my previous post a ‘nautical’ friend of many years, Chris Fagg wrote of the photograph caption, “…hey, if THAT view is N x NW – this world’s in bother ! HaHa”. Chris Fagg has a good point so I’ll reveal some of my thinking and the reason for my chutzpah.   I … Read more

Rue de la Quai

Today I had the pleasure of standing on the banks of the Tarn, port of Gaillac, where a few years ago I planned one of my most celebrated paintings, “The Port of Gaillac 1863”  Port of Gaillac today, quieter, otherwise not much changed, interesting to compare with very rich the painting… a great place to … Read more

Sunset over Vines, 15 September

18.00 h, 2 déc “Soleil sur les #vignes, nouveau 1 de la collection #wine #Gaillac Expo 80, Place d’Hautpoul, Aperçu;

A landscape painting measuring 53 x 81 cms (21” x 32”), oils, available, with its story in pictures on the web site page.

Sunset-over-vines Chateau-Terride, posted 25.11.16
Sunset-over-vines Chateau-Terride, posted 25.11.16
Sunset, over vines detail, Chateau Terride, posted 25.11.16
Sunset, over vines detail 1, Chateau Terride, posted 25.11.16

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The loss of the “Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes”.

Researched over several years, there is a complex theme behind this marine painting,  treasure, piracy, marine transport, pride, self defense, national interests, all and more compete in this tale.    The loss of the “Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes”. measures 30 x 45 cms (12″ x 18″), oils, available,  You can acquire this splendid painting via our Payment page or contact … Read more

Chateau Meyragues update

The story updated, latest pictures today, whole story on One of The « Gaillac, surprising vines » series.    You are cordially invited to enjoy the fun and facination of following The Art of Gordon Frickers on his blog and or

From Mombasa

My best fun so far today, the day has only just got under way, was to have Mr. Abddul Rahim Abubaker of Mombasa, Kenya connect with me via Facebook. My new friend Abdul has been very enthusiastically helping me with “B I Sunday” research. When the task is complete i will have a surprise for … Read more