Canoe Conodal?

The warmest day in the Tarn for a week.

Watching the weather forecasts for ‘canoe surgery’, and making very sure we had all the materials and tool we needed, I had all the preparation ready for this day.

Following a deliberately late breakfast Hervé and I ‘blitzkrieged’ his 5 m  kayak.

The first task was to ‘glass in’ the hanging knees we had fitted.

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Representing France

A major event, THE festival of Lanterns.
If you possibly can, visit this fete on show for the third and last time at Gaillac.

Fete des Lanternes

This is nothing less than Gaillacois Tarn representing all France to China and vice versa.
Previously the Chinese have always chosen major cities, Toronto, Hamburg, Boston and San Francisco USA and so on.

This year this festival, unique in Europe opens 1 st December for 2 months.

Le site internet officiel = ainsi que la page Facebook officielle =

Fete des Lanternes

The mayor of Gaillac made a brilliant, inspiring speech.

The evening included lavishing wines, foods and a disco on guests

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To Gaillac

Tarn Friends said “you now are Gaillacois, Tarn, don’t leave”. I’m planning to return later this month. Partly because of an invitation from the Gaillac Ville to attend a meeting about the next Franco-Chinese Festival of Lanterns which starts 4 th December. The previous festival lasted a month and attracted 350,000 visitors. You can discover more about … Read more

Better than Champagne?

As Lily who has now returned to Toulouse, was preparing and exceptional dinner,  sit back and imagine … ,  I decided this should be accompanied by a wine I’d been reserving since my last visit to Gaillac.


Château de Lacroux
Methode Ancestrale, demi sec.
A fine sparkling wine produced at the Château illustarted in my painting shown here [available, £4,000 see page]
To our surprise and delight this has to be one of the best wines I’ve tried, surpassing any Champagne in my experience.

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Rue de la Quai

Today I had the pleasure of standing on the banks of the Tarn, port of Gaillac, where a few years ago I planned one of my most celebrated paintings, “The Port of Gaillac 1863”  Port of Gaillac today, quieter, otherwise not much changed, interesting to compare with very rich the painting… a great place to … Read more

Sunset over Vines, 15 September

18.00 h, 2 déc “Soleil sur les #vignes, nouveau 1 de la collection #wine #Gaillac Expo 80, Place d’Hautpoul, Aperçu;

A landscape painting measuring 53 x 81 cms (21” x 32”), oils, available, with its story in pictures on the web site page.

Sunset-over-vines Chateau-Terride, posted 25.11.16
Sunset-over-vines Chateau-Terride, posted 25.11.16
Sunset, over vines detail, Chateau Terride, posted 25.11.16
Sunset, over vines detail 1, Chateau Terride, posted 25.11.16

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Spot the Difference?

Spot any difference, 09.09.16 to today 03.10.16? Chateau de Lacoix, one of the Gailac series, see and enjoy It has been decided to name the Exhibition “Vin au chateau, Gaillac“. Consider yourself invited. At the invitation of the Cultural department of Gaillac the show will open be open, 1 st to 20 th December. … Read more