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Chris Fagg wrote

Thursday, January 4th, 2018
Sharing replies:
Of my previous post a ‘nautical’ friend of many years, Chris Fagg wrote of the photograph caption, “…hey, if THAT view is N x NW – this world’s in bother ! HaHa”.
Chris Fagg has a good point so I’ll reveal some of my thinking and the reason for my chutzpah.
I replied to Chris Fagg:
Well spotted Chris Fagg, I have used my poetic artist’s licence here!
The elusive rainbows I referred to were seen when facing the opposite way which also meant my hard working camera had to face the wind and rain, a lens wash it did not need.
As this scene looked dramatic with a quite ‘Turner’ sky I chose to post this shot, taken at that period, as I was leaving Castelnau de Montmiral.
I liked the squiggly road, mysterious mist and ‘Turner’ sky so felt it symbolised the beginning of that 8 hrs drive.
By the way, one of my great hero’s, W M J Turner, who’s work and life I have studied many times and still enjoy, who is still a mentor to me, was not adverse to placing the sun in the North in his paintings if that created the effect he wanted to convey.
If I’d had time I’d have painted the view I hesitated to shoot I hesitated to shoot into the inclement weather with my camera.
It would probably have come out something like the pair of painting I’ve reproduced here for you, both painted on location during a summer storm, from the valley of the Vere.

The large hill is by the way, Castenau de Montmiral.   A pair of experiments, the weather was wet but warm , a typical Midi Pyrenees summer storm.

I just had to do something, the alternative being to stay indoors so donned my sea coat.

 “Warm Rain” and “After Warm Rain“, this extraordinary pair of experimental paintings remain in my collection however the time has come when I would be prepared to ‘let them go’.

Measuring 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”), both available,  can be purchased by instalments, ask for details. 
Or see page 
For those of you considering going this summer to The Painting School of Montmiral, large hill is by the way, Castenau de Montmiral.

Rue de la Quai

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Today I had the pleasure of standing on the banks of the Tarn, port of Gaillac, where a few years ago I planned one of my most celebrated paintings, “The Port of Gaillac 1863” 

Port of Gaillac today, 20.12.2017

Port of Gaillac today, quieter, otherwise not much changed, interesting to compare with very rich the painting… a great place to relax, recommended.

Dorian Goussetselam 16.04.14 Port of Gaillac, dawn

Sunset over Vines, 15 September

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

18.00 h, 2 déc “Soleil sur les #vignes, nouveau 1 de la collection #wine #Gaillac Expo 80, Place d’Hautpoul, Aperçu;

A landscape painting measuring 53 x 81 cms (21” x 32”), oils, available, with its story in pictures on the web site page.

Sunset-over-vines Chateau-Terride, posted 25.11.16

Sunset-over-vines Chateau-Terride, posted 25.11.16

Sunset, over vines detail, Chateau Terride, posted 25.11.16

Sunset, over vines detail 1, Chateau Terride, posted 25.11.16


An invitation, an introduction

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

“Vin, au Château, Gaillac”, the often surprising landscape art of Gordon Frickers.

 Gaillac, Abbaye, Pont 18.11.16

Gaillac, Abbaye, Pont 18.11.16

Preview, (au vernissage) 18h lFriday 2/12/2016.

Opening 2 Décembre, Friday, 2016 à 18h00 (RSVP) Closes 30 December.
Open for the public  public : 8h – 12h & 14h – 17h30

Where? (more…)

Spot the Difference?

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Spot any difference, 09.09.16 to today 03.10.16?

chateau de Lacoix-progress 05-09-16-

chateau de Lacoix-progress 05-09-16-

chateau de Lacroix progress, 03-10-16-

chateau de Lacroix progress, 03-10-16-

Chateau de Lacoix, one of the Gailac series, see and enjoy
It has been decided to name the Exhibition “Vin au chateau, Gaillac“.
Consider yourself invited.
At the invitation of the Cultural department of Gaillac the show will open be open, 1 st to 20 th December.
I have 8 paintings complete, frames on order and another 5 paintings including this one to finish.

Whatch this blog for further info or contact Gordon Frickers

Chateau Meyragues update

Monday, August 15th, 2016

The story updated, latest pictures today, whole story on

One of The « Gaillac, surprising vines » series. 

Chateau Meyragues 15.08.16

Chateau Meyragues 15.08.16

Chateau Meyragues detail 1  15.08.16

Chateau Meyragues detail 1 15.08.16 

Chateau Meyragues detail 2  15.08.16

Chateau Meyragues detail 2 15.08.16 

hateau Meyragues detail 3  15.08.16

hateau Meyragues detail 3 15.08.16


You are cordially invited to enjoy the fun and facination of following The Art of Gordon Frickers on his blog and or

From Mombasa

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

My best fun so far today, the day has only just got under way, was to have Mr. Abddul Rahim Abubaker of Mombasa, Kenya connect with me via Facebook.
My new friend Abdul has been very enthusiastically helping me with “B I Sunday” research.

When the task is complete i will have a surprise for my new friend Abdul.

You too can connect with my active Facebook page if you would like to at


How to paint a nude?

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Is a nude ‘Portrait Art’? Your thoughts please…
I think the Irish pub in Gaillac should be off limit to young innocent lads like me.

Sometime ago my friend Charles, le Counte de Noblet d’Anglure and I had a couple of late evening beers in Gaillac’s Irish bar O’Sullivans.
I returned the other eve, needing to get out of my studio and especially away from my computer. I was thinking I’d sketch out a new painting while having a quiet beer.
No chance. (more…)

How soon can you put on an exhibition?

Monday, June 1st, 2015

The subject of winning. The subject was « Le jardin de tous les plaisirs », organised by the Médiation projets et publics Service Culture – Ville de Gaillac. There was some social excitement here yesterday, in Gaillac to be more precise. The prize giving for the photographic competition Concours Photos 2015.

I've been framed!

I’ve been framed!


« Le jardin de tous les plaisirs », a photographic competition

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Organised by MAIRIE DE GAILLAC, Service Culture, that is the Town hall of Gaillac; open to all residents of Midi Pyrenees. Two ‘divisions, professional and amateur, (Nouvelle ici en Francaise aussi). An ‘Art’ photographic competition. The professional prize was 2000 Euros for a project to be decided by the municipal service cultural. Nice idea?

Photograph title "L'age d'or"

Photograph title “L’age d’or”