Representing France

A major event, THE festival of Lanterns.
If you possibly can, visit this fete on show for the third and last time at Gaillac.

Fete des Lanternes

This is nothing less than Gaillacois Tarn representing all France to China and vice versa.
Previously the Chinese have always chosen major cities, Toronto, Hamburg, Boston and San Francisco USA and so on.

This year this festival, unique in Europe opens 1 st December for 2 months.

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Fete des Lanternes

The mayor of Gaillac made a brilliant, inspiring speech.

The evening included lavishing wines, foods and a disco on guests

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An honour

An invitation, Fete of Lanterns, an honour, an artist’s influence.

I’m told previous Fete of Lanterns have attracted 650,000 visitors. Would you agree, impressive for mid winter?

I’ve been invited, the only Englishman and as far as I know only European artist, to the opening ceremony of the next Fete des Lanterns, by the mayor and council of Gaillac, 18.00, 30 November.

If that is not an honour, you tell me what is?

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Les Fetes

Parties on as the heat wave continues with 30 C [86 F] plus, this week end there have been so many fetes to choose from minor and major.

Among the latter a huge Celtic festival at l’Orient and a Choral fete with a ball after at Guignen near Rennes.

My choice was made for me by my neighbours in this village gently, firmly, insisting I attend.
A compliment it would have been discourteous to refuse.
It turned out to be a very good choice too.

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