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Trafalgar revisited

Trafalgar paintings, many artists attempted this scene, my intention is to produce the definitive painting of ‘Victory Breaking the Line’.

Trafalgar, artist to artist you can follow the development of this new painting here.

Trafalgar revisited, steady progress with this (20″ x 32 “) painting of Victory breaking the line.

Trafalgar, artist to artist, following on the days when I was Official Artist to HMS Victory during the run up to Trafalgar 200, I’m very pleased to be producing this new painting for the distinguished Mr. Drachinifel, the famous naval historian noted for his Utube videos.

Concept Sketch 6

This Trafalgar painting with HMS Victory Breaking the Line, is I feel, developing and evolving steadily, satisfactorily although it is not ‘there’, as Drachs and I want it to appear for you, by a long way, yet.

How many changes can you spot between this sketch and the oil study above?

Trafalgar and Nelson

are now a days an significant part of my life story.

Building on my general interest in this subject pre 1993, over the years I was Official Artist I took full advantage of the opportunities, the many kindnesses, the doors opened, the archives many generally closed to the public, opened to create an exceptional collection of documents, photographs and books.

It is satisfying to be delving again, into my collection, re reading and have an opportunity to explain the many popular misconceptions about what actually happened at that key moment during the battle of Trafalgar.

Trafalgar and Victory breaking the line, many artists have attempted this scene, my intention to produce the definitive painting of ‘Victory Breaking the Line’.

You can follow the story of this painting and discover for yourself why the truth of what happened is even more extraordinary than the popular myth, by following my painting’s progress on this blog, enjoy, profit !

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