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Marine prints

Marine prints, the art of making the best, are foremost in my thinking at present. This print is of ‘Spirit of Mystery’

Spirit of Mystery in the Great Southern Ocean.

Bevan Leach in South Australia has his print of the painting ‘Spirit of Mystery’ and his includes an exquisite remarque drawing in the margin.He wrote “The print arrived today. I am just delighted with it. Next week it will be off to the frame shop. When it’s all done I will send a picture to you”.

Those I make are very classy presents with lots of presence, so make excellent presents.I’m going to proof a new print this week, ‘PQ 13, Frozen Fury’.This may be the last new print as my superb print master wants to retire.

My prints are on canvas or a very special paper for the look & feel of the real thing.“Spirit of Mystery”, this Painting was commissioned by & for Pete Goss, MBE, Legion d’Honneur.

Pete Goss and Gordon Frickers planning the painting onboard Spirit of Mystery.
Pete Goss wrote to me some fine compliments including “I got exactly the painting I’d hoped for.
It’s got everything except the noise which you never forget“.

The amazing story of Spirit of Mystery is on my website page
If you like a good story don’t miss the ‘further reading’ link and order your print today.

If you’ve been thinking of buying a print, look lively, make it so while prints are still available !!!🙂⚓️
Gordon Frickers signature , paintings ©.
Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings ©.