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White Christmas

No white #ChristmasDay here in southern #Brittany, so in the immortal words of the Blue Peter presenters, “here’s one I took earlier”, enjoy.
Are we still allowed to say “white Christmas” or is that no longer politically correct?
Somehow ‘black’ Christmas doesn’t quite have the same resonation to me…
Today we are enjoying a mild 11 C and light grey sky, quite pleasant when out n about.
Closure of the Anglo French frontier mess up, upset many people’s plans.
What’s the point, both countries are infested and the majority are vaccinated.
We are probably all unwittingly carrying #Corvid on our clothes, in our hair, our cars and so on…
‘Tant piss’, I’ll roast a chicken, open a bottle of good wine and dine alone.
Wishing you all that is best for you 🙂⚓
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