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Chester Prints

Chester prints, paintings and a civic reception remembered as we approach “the season of good will”.

Chester Town Hall

Here are some photographs some of which have never been see on Facebook before.

Chester paintings, a civic reception

This success story, a grand night out, shows what can be done by men of good will.

Prints are still available, ‘The Port of Chester 1863′,   76 x 1520 cm (2′ 6″ x 5′), has been sold to a private collection.

Chester paintings reception the sponsored buffet

This beautiful Chester memory

is aroused by my talking to the good people at the Seafarers Charity about prints of my painting ‘P Q 13, Frozen Fury’.
This reminds me of this previous brilliant evening with my painting ‘The Port of Chester 1863’, star of the show, long since sold, still available from my website as a beautiful print.

Chester paintings
Chester paintings and a civic reception remembered

Years astern after I painted ‘The Port of Chester 1863‘ I, we, that is via the Chester gallery A E Dutton and Sons, organised by Nick Dutton (I wonder where he is now?) gave 10% of all print sales to the Chester Sea Scouts.
This is an organisation that teaches youngsters basic seamanship and about real life.

Chester council

in return the city council honoured me with the use of the city crest and mayor’s signature on the prints.
They also gave us a civic reception for the painting and other works of mine.

Chester prints
Chester prints signing with Mayor John Randell


Chester prints

Over 400 people attended and local press lavishly covered the event.
We sold 90 prints on the night and about 250 in a month.

Chester prints
Port of Chester 1863

The Port of Chester 1863,   76 x 1520 cm (2′ 6″ x 5′), has been sold to a private collection.

You can discover much more about this success via my website page.

Chester prints a detail
Port of Chester 1863 painting, a detail

The train and bridge are accurate as are the buildings.
The train pulled by ‘Lady of the Lake’ was researched with the aid of members of the Merseyside Model Railway Club.

Chester prints
Port of Chester 1863 painting, a detail

My grateful thanks go to them and the many other good people who freely gave their time, enthusiasm and knowledge to help make this grand painting a famous masterpiece.

I still sell the occasional print via my marine website of that painting.
The original plan was to repeat this project at Gloucester, Plymouth and maybe other ports.
Unfortunately that ran aground.

Likewise I am in discussions with Captain (retired) Igor Kozyer about my painting ‘PQ 13 Frozen Fury’ and the forthcoming new prints.
To have my painting in used for his book, a Russian publication is quite prestigious and surprises and impresses people.
Maybe we can do some good in Russia too?

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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