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Galleon, English, or more commonly called an ‘English Race Galleon’ circa 1620 bearing away to the West off Plymouth.

Race Galleon, English
Galleon, English, circa 1620
Painting 40 x 63 cm (15 3/4″ x 25 3/4″), oils, for sale, £2,500.
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Galleons of this is the type

of vessel were developed by the Elizabethan English.
Walter Raleigh stated “two decks and a half is sufficient” for men engaged in overseas trade and relatively fine below the waterline. Faster, handier, they represented a considerable advance from galleons, caravels and carracks.

Francis Drake

famously used the similar ‘Golden Hinde’ to make the second circumnavigation of the world and amasse a huge treasure.
This vessel is based mostly upon the design extensively researched over 6 years by William A Baker naval architect and historian.

Baker’s design

was built and sailed 20 April 1957, Captain Alan Villers, from Plymouth for North America following her illustrious forbearer of 1620 and she remains there to this day.
For those who wish to fathom deeper I recommend W A Baker’s book “The Mayflower and other Colonial Vessels”, Conway Press, ISBN 0 85177 286 2 🙂⚓
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