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 Trafalgar, ‘First Shots’, 12.00.

Trafalgar, ‘First Shots’
76 x 1220 cm (30″ x 48″), £15,000, available, from this website.
HMS Victory, battle of Trafalgar, ranging shots, the first hole in her fore topsail, the French and Spanish had found the range, the battle began in earnest.
This painting is one of “The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection Series”.


as described in diaries and log books by those present at the battle of Trafalgar, a hole appeared in HMS Victory ‘s fore topsail, this painting is as accurate as anyone is going to get.

Trafalgar research

This painting which has never been exhibited in public other than on my website with my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series.
I feel most fortunate to have been associated with HMS Victory as her ‘Official Artist’ during the preparations for Trafalgar 200.
I was able to repeatedly visit the public records at Kew Gardens, London.
The records include official reports and private letters written by the men that time.
I read many of the documents and some are mentioned in various books about Nelson and Trafalgar many of which books are in my modest collection.
On behalf of my work for HMS Victory, I’ve also been to the navel archives in Paris, Brest, and Madrid.
As a guest of the port admiral of San Sebastian (the Cadiz naval base) I’ve seen their achieves too and had the good fortune of a long conversation with the archivist there.
You could say the subject has become something of a speciality of mine?
The attached letter, part of my ‘credentials’, may be of interest and amuse you?
Victory research letter
Victory research letter
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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