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Chinese Nosh up

Time for a proper meal, which are your favourites?

Following on a succession of ’emergency suppers’ due to being over tired this evening I made a nice chicken sweet n sour with lightly stir fried veggies, mostly bamboo shoots and bean sprouts with ‘Imperial gold’ Basmati rice made the Iranian way with slight Frickers G ‘improvements’.

As usual I made to much nosh, any volunteers to help eat this?

As it was, my companion was half of a fine white Gaillac courtesy of my friend Alan Boullenger of Castel de Brames, a Cuvée des Origines made from Sauvinhon, Muscadela and the ancient Lel de Lel.

Castel de Brames
Castel de Brames

I met Alan when at the request of the Gaillac Maison de Culture I painted a series of the more interesting chateaux and domaine of the Gaillac district.

You can discover more on my website page https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/gaillac/ Enjoy ! 🙂⚓

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