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A story for you, well two actually, with an awesome and familiar cover picture?

Audible Books
New from Audible Books, The Maintenance Race
Yes, it’s the famous “Roaring Forties” which I’m delighted to report is the cover for the new Audible Books publication “The Maintenance Race” !
During last summer I was among other things, quietly ‘exchanging signal’s’ with people at Audible Books, New York, a division of Amazon.
One of their distinguished authors, Stewart Brand, had specifically asked to use my iconic painting “Roaring Forties”.
This painting having been commissioned from me for and owned by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Audible Books and I eventually negotiated terms with included mentioning my name and painting whenever possible so I duly issued them a limited licence and copy of my “Roaring Forties” image.

In Print

By the way “Roaring Forties” is available from my website page https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/new-marine-print-gallery/ from a modest £167, as a signed fabulous print on canvas for the look and feel of the original .
Roaring Forties
Roaring Forties, the print
Roaring Forties,
The Iconic Roaring Forties, the print, framed.

Audible Books, “The Maintenance Race” by Stewart Brand, narrated by: Richard Seyd length: 52 mins, enjoy 🙂⚓

Audible Books Say :

More about the author Stewart Brand and narrator Richard Seyd of ‘The Maintenance Race’, Cover Art by Gordon Frickers ©2021 Stewart Brand (P)2021 Audible Originals, LLC.
The Maintenance Race

About This Audible Original

In 1968, nine competitors set out in a race that had never before been attempted: to sail around the world, alone, without stopping.

The route took them through the most dangerous waters on Earth. Seeking help was forbidden, and psychologists speculated that the 10 months alone at sea could drive the sailors mad. The winner was promised money and attention, but everyone knew that the real prize was to become a legend. What no one predicted was how.

Three of the racers did indeed become legendary: the one who won, the one who didn’t bother to win, and the one who cheated.

Audible Original; Stewart Brand (the Whole Earth Catalog, How Buildings Learn, The Clock of the Long Now) tells these men’s story, and lays out a new understanding of how and why each of them met their fate. His claim is that the core of the race came down to how each sailor approached the question of maintenance. And he explains how shifting our own understanding of maintenance may help us address the problems we face, from daily chores to issues that threaten our very existence.

Cover Art by Gordon Frickers

©2021 Stewart Brand (P)2021 Audible Originals, LLC.

Product Details

By: Stewart Brand

Narrated by: Richard Seyd

Length: 52 mins

Original Recording Audiobook

Release date: 09-30-21

Language: English

Publisher: Audible Originals

Categories: Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure

About the Creator

Stewart Brand is co-founder of Revive & Restore, of The Long Now Foundation, of The WELL, of Global Business Network, and founder/editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. His books include Whole Earth Discipline; The Clock of the Long Now; How Buildings Learn; and The Media Lab. He is currently working on a book titled The Maintenance Race; this Audbile Original is its first chapter. He was trained in ecology at Stanford and served as an Infantry officer in the US Army.

Photographed by Mark Mahaney at Redux

About the Narrator

Richard has been a director and teacher for over 35 years. As his professional directing career grew, he found that more and more professional actors sought his work for individual coaching. From this demand, he opened Seydways Acting Studios in 1991 as a training ground for professional actors in the Bay Area. Over the years as a successful director and teacher, Richard developed a uniquely sensitive, specific, and effective approach to actor training. This approach is summarized in his now patented Trigger Approach and Stretch Work. In 2003, Richard opened his Los Angeles studio, where he continues to teach classes for professional actors in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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