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Books? Who reads books these days?

Matt Burton very kindly gave me a rather old quite fragile set of ‘The Navel history of Great Britain’, all six volumes😶😮.
Naval History
Naval History of Great Britain
This set as far as I can tell, is of the second edition published 1826, much revised by the author William James after comments by naval officers who were present at many of the events described.

Books, Value

That makes these an even better edition to read than the first edition.

The series includes numerous maps which one can take out and study, in envelopes in the back of the books.
I don’t know what if anything the set is worth, particularly given it’s condition?
What I do know for sure is that I’m very pleased to add this set to my book collection, a big thank you goes to Matt.😀
Book case, small
Next I suppose I’ll have to ask Matt to sell me another book case !
Book case, not so small
In 2002 Conway Books reprinted the edition with an introduction by the renowned naval authority Andrew Lambert ISBN 0 85177905 0.
I bought a set.
Besides being an unusual read, I have referredto them many times.
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