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New video

New video: ‘The Port of Chester (1863)”,

this major art work is I’m pleased to report still attracting attention and back in the news this week.


Port of Chester 1863

‘Port of Chester & The River Dee basin and lock’ I am delighted to say features my painting 3 times.

Bob Moore of the Pastfinder Channel wrote to me “While “researching the old port of Chester UK and browsing the internet I came across your marvellous painting entitled ‘The Port of Chester (1863)’ “.

This new video is available for viewing on Youtube, more of that in a moment.

First, let’s set the scene for you.

When originally created this extensively researched painting caused quite a stir.

I created The Port of Chester 1863 in part because the entire district was about to be redeveloped.

The last part of the video shows you how much the old port has changed since 1863.

A Civic Reception :

40 of my paintings and 2 large boards of press cuttings about my work and adventures were given a the honour of a Civic Reception in the city of Chester town hall with my ‘Port of Chester 1863’ as the centrepiece.

Chester Civic Reception

Over 400 guests attended the evening complete with buffet and bar, buying over 90 prints that night with a percentage going to support The Chester Sea Cadets.

Press cuttings, Chester

The story of The Port of Chester 1963 painting was covered by The Chester Chronicle which journal was active in 1863 and is referred to as a detail in the painting as were several other Chester businesses, active in 1863 and still operating when I painted this grand picture.

You can discover much of the surprising story of this masterpiece via my website page and it’s ‘Further Reading’ link Chester Port (1863) – Gordon Frickers Marine Art , Chester Port (1863) – Gordon Frickers Marine Art.

Port of Chester 1863, a detail

The video is produced by Bob Moore an independently published, author of fantasy and sci-fi Bob Moore is passionately interested in History.

His Youtube channel is entitled ‘Pastfinder,’ (10) The Port of Chester & the River Dee basin and lock – YouTube 6, The Port of Chester & the River Dee basin and lock – Bing video and is a history exploration and discovery channel whereby he reveals parts of the lost and hidden history of the UK.

This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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