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Nelson, Trafalgar, Paintings


by reading a reference to the old USS Constitution sometimes called “Old Ironsides” I am reminded of HMS Victory, a ‘first rate ship of the line of battle’.
After Trafalgar HMS Victory had 600 cannon balls removed from her hull all of which had failed to penetrate and not a single man on the lower gun deck had been killed.
Nelson, Trafalgar, paintings
First Shots, Trafalgar

This painting shows the first hole which appeared in the fore topsail of HMS Victory.

Upon seeing this the Combined Fleet knew they had the range, a general fire then commenced.

Trafalgar, action commences
‘First Shots’, a detail

This painting

was inspired by my distinguished colleague and friend, the Keeper and Curator of HMS Victory, author of 17 naval books, Mr. Peter Goodwin when he first discovered the Trafalgar Fore topsail.

From our excited discussions this painting evolved.

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